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Jack Abrams school to re-open as a STEM school

Dear Editor,

An exciting opportunity for many young people in the Huntington School District has presented itself with the anticipated re-opening in September of the Jack Abrams School as a STEM school!

In STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) schools, learning is collaborative and project-based.  Students work closely together in a hands-on way to solve real-world problems.  Learning problem-solving skills and helping students develop into critical thinkers is at the core of any STEM school, with the hope of preparing students for the high-demand tech jobs of the future.

According to the Department of Commerce, jobs in STEM fields have grown three times as fast as jobs in non-STEM fields and STEM fields are expected to grow 17 percent by 2018 compared to just a 9.8 percent growth for non-STEM fields. Without an influx of graduates in these areas, the U.S. will not have enough workers to fill these jobs.

This is also a wonderful chance for the young females in the District to venture into an area which historically has been dominated by young men.  As the parent of two daughters, I would be thrilled for them to have this opportunity!

I would like to commend Superintendent James Polansky and the Huntington School Board of Education for taking this innovative and bold step.  I wish you great success in this venture and look forward to hearing the results of your endeavor sometime next year.


William R. Spencer, M.D.                                                                                                                    

Suffolk County Legislator                                                                                                                   

18th Legislative District

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6 comments to Jack Abrams school to re-open as a STEM school

  • chickadee

    the school should never have been closed in the first place!!

  • agreed chickedee

    And this Spencer guy should have never have been elected in the first place! He is just as guilty for it being closed. He was head of the Huntington Housing Authority when this was all going down. He only wanders back to the “hood” when it is time for an election or a photo op.

    What has he done for Huntington Station? Huntington School District? Why is he even commenting on the school reopening. It wasn’t his gig. Did his banning of energy drinks effectively open this school?

    Maybe the $250,000.00 kiosk he just got in Northport harbor which is really just an 8X7 shed? Maybe THAT is what re-opened school?

    No. Superintendent Polansky and a group of dedicated volunteer school board members did it IN SPITE of the lack of involvement in cleaning up this mess they created.

    I hope everyone finally wakes up and see’s that he may be a good Doc (tor) but a Legislator he isn’t.

    Name something he has actually done in office to anyone’s benefit.

  • Anonymous

    Say what you want about the legislator, but this superintendent wasn’t in Huntington in 2010 when the mess was created. Neither was the majority of the board. They should be commended for their efforts.

  • Anonymous

    This superintendent was not here in 2010 and neither was the majority of this board. They should be commended.

  • agreed chickedee

    did you miss this part?

    “Superintendent Polansky and a group of dedicated volunteer school board members did it IN SPITE of the lack of involvement in cleaning up this mess they created.”

    THEY being the ones really responsible for this mess. Petrone/Cuthbertson/Berland/and yes I include Spencer in this too.

    Watch all the politician’s fall over themselves to try to take credit for the efforts of our School Board members and Superintendent Polansky.

  • Rich Daddy

    Why dont we open a school at Docs house. Slow down on 25a and look at the estate thru the gates. He once wanted to put a cell tower on his property. Needs the money I guess.

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