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Huntington Arts Council Invites Community to Live Street Art & Music Event

Huntington Arts Council's Sparkboom Presents

Huntington Arts Council’s SPARKBOOM Presents “Off the Walls” a live art event on August 24, 2013.

On Saturday, August 24, Huntington will join the ranks of the world’s great art cities with the addition of three street art murals painted live on the back and side of the Huntington Arts Council’s headquarters as part of the council’s SPARKBOOM “Off the Walls” event.  Attendees will witness three renowned artists at work: Sonic Bad, MasPaz and Phetus whose works have been showcased in and adorn the walls of Paris, Milan, Sao Paolo, Berlin and New York.  The “Off the Walls” live art event will take place from 2-6pm in the lower parking lot behind 213 Main Street Huntington, and will include live music on stage from Echo Sonic, Motion Ocean, Dan and James, and Barbaric Yawp as well as 40+ artist and artisan vendors and food.  An exciting new addition to the day’s roster will be artist Steve Zaluski’s “Sphere of Hope”, a 7′ diameter treadbrite aluminum sculptural sphere that Steve will encourage kids join him in as he walks this unique sculpture around the lot.  “Off the Walls” is sponsored by Montana Cans, Riebe’s Artist Materials, Red Bull, Hint Water, and Five Towns College.  The event is free and open to the public.  Artists looking to vend at this event should contact the Huntington Arts Council at 631-271-8423 or

About the Artists:

 Phetus is a Long Island success story whose star continues to rise.  Phetus began his legacy by tagging LIRR areas with his now infamous “Phat Phace” logo to make his mark as an artist while others focused on the rising Hip-Hop culture.  Creating a logo to signify his name was innovative at a time when other artists were simply tagging their name in typical bubble lettering. Taking his originality beyond the walls of Long Island, Phetus opened “Concrete Vibes”, a clothing boutique and gallery to showcase his art.  It was the first gallery on Long Island dedicated to graffiti. This exposure created attention and a strong demand for Phetus’ designs among well known Hip-Hop artists as well as internationally known graffiti artists, and spread his popularity worldwide.  Constantly evolving his art and the mediums through which artist’s work, Phetus developed the successful graffiti app “Graffiti Spraycan.” 

Sonic Bad is known as one of the “godfathers” of the NYC graffit movement, Sonic formed a crew of graffiti writers known as BAD Inc. (Boys are Down Inc.), who were the most active in the 1970s and 1980s.  Because he grew up in the Far Rockaways in the Bronx, Sonic was able to form his own style of writing without being influenced by the other graffiti writers during this period.  He pioneered some of the styles used today such as folding letters and transforming letters into figures.  His works have been photographed by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant and have been included in several publications.  He has painted walls worldwide from Berlin to Jakarta to Paris and New York.  He currently lives and works in New York.     

For graffiti artist MasPaz, using the public walls around the world as his canvas gives him access to spreading his message on an ultimate scale, that message being “more peace”, the meaning of his name in Spanish. He was first engaged with the graffiti world from seeing the spray painted murals and tags in his own neighborhood growing up. He says “I was inspired to express myself through graffiti, because it was something unknown and mysterious…As I grew up, I realized the social impact of graffiti.” The work of MasPaz exudes positivity in the uplifting use of bright colors and animated characters, and his work can be seen in places like South America, Australia, Jamaica, Brooklyn, and Washington DC. Using his talents as an artist to advertise his passion for more peace in society was inevitable for him. He says “I feel as if it is my calling as an artist to do something positive with my art.”

Attendees to the “Off the Walls” event, will witness a collaboration between the legendary Sonic and younger graffiti artist MasPaz, showcasing the dueling styles of two graffiti writers from different generations.  Sonic and MasPaz will bring rich vibrant colors and individual design sensibilities to the wall, which will create a fascinating juxtaposition of ideas.

SPARKBOOM’s “Off the Walls” live street art and music event will take place on Saturday, August 24th from 2-6pm in the lower parking lot behind the Huntington Arts Council at 213 Main Street Huntington.  SPARKBOOM is a project of the Huntington Arts Council funded by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.  The goal of SPARKBOOM is to foster the success of Long Island’s emerging creative talent by providing opportunities, programs and event experiences geared to GenY, 18-34 years of age. The creation of the joint partnership directly addresses the “brain drain” of Long Island’s young professionals.

The Huntington Arts Council is a legitimate 501c3 not-for-profit organization and all proceeds from this event will benefit its programs. 


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