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Huntington Village Parking Study Released

Huntington Supervisor Frank P. Petrone announces the release of the Huntington Village Parking Study commissioned last year by a consortium formed to explore options on improving parking in one of the Town’s busiest downtowns.

The study, conducted by the firm Nelson Nygaard Consulting Associates Inc., surveyed residents, employees, business owners and consumers and studied parking patterns. The report includes findings and recommendations that the consortium will now consider.

“On behalf of all the consortium members, I thank Nelson Nygaard for this study, which has given us much to think about as we go forward with efforts to improve parking in one of Long Island’s most vibrant downtown areas,” Supervisor Petrone said.

The approximately $35,000 study was funded jointly by the consortium members: the Town, the Town of Huntington Economic Development Corp., the Huntington Village Business Improvement District, the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce and the Paramount Theater.

Person wishing to view the study can download it from the Town’s website,

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12 comments to Huntington Village Parking Study Released

  • sjb

    It’s so simple. When we come into Huntington and cannot find a parking spot, we leave and go elsewhere. Of particular annoyance is the upper Elm Street parking lot, which the Paramount takes over during events and lets no one park unless they are a patron, along with a very rude parking attendant. I thought it was a Town lot, but apparently there is a deal there.

  • disgusted+

    Thats not the only lot. The Paramount deal was a a Berland deal. Try to park in halesite when the harbor club has a wedding. THey put their valet at the entrance.

    But the Village is gone. With three story apartments about to be built on every building it will take an hour to get from St Pats to Park Ave.

    Maybe Mr Cook can tell us his plan.

  • Fred

    I don’t know how many parking studies there have been in Petrone’s administration. Stop studying and make a decision. My choice would be to build a 3 level parking garage over the current lot on Green Street. It would be expensive but the revenue from meters would pay for it over time. As for the upper Elm Street lot commented upon above, of course there’s a deal there.

  • mcr

    make the tickets for the paramount include a 20 dollar surcharge to pay for a new garage. refund the 20 dollars,in the form of huntington bucks that can only be spent in town. if those going to a concert use the garage, it will get their cars off the street and put money back into the town.

  • There's a method....

    Town lots aren’t “reserved parking” for the Paramount or any other private business, and should NEVER be restricted for that purpose! Just one more way that venue is detracting from the quality of life in town — with the blessing of Petrone & Co. I think a parking structure on Green Street would be terrible for all concerned, besides looking hideous. Personally, I’ll be spending a lot less time in Huntington Village if there’s no more free parking.

  • Fred

    You can’t have it all ways. We need additional parking to keep Huntington a vibrant town but parking is never pretty, so choose your poison. I agree that a parking garage isn’t pretty but the current New Street/Green Street lot is surrounded by commercial structures so residential streets would not be affected by the sight of a parking garage. I’m a village resident and my street is inundated with cars when the Paramount has a popular show. I don’t have a vested interest in any one solution, just a good one.

  • disgusted+

    Look at the lot at Huntington Hospital. It is a great success. That kind of architecture could fit in several locations. And all those blathering about Petrone- Mayoka has been on the Board 4 years and Cook 1 year. Do they speak? Do they have ideas?
    Do they have proposals?

    No- Mayoka grand stands and Cook cant speak or read.

  • Matt Harris

    How about a $20 drink voucher per person (since the drinks are so expensive anyway)for Paramount patrons to use the Station lot and shuttle bus? Have the geniuses at the Paramount thought of that?
    People need an incentive to be inconvenienced…that would be a lot cheaper than a parking garage that costs $20,000 per space, or the $280,000 being spent for the Muni meters (thanks Frank). Remember, when Mike Rothbard ran it with only 700 seats, we did not have this problem…

  • Matt Harris

    and after reading the study, I find the best the owners of the Paramount can offer shuttle users is a RAFFLE.


  • disgusted+

    What do Cook and Mayoka propose?

  • Aggravated

    Margo Myles is a horse that needs to start eating from the earth she claims to save@

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