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Section of Route 110 Renamed After Assemblyman James D. Conte


Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci, Huntington Station, sponsored legislation to designate a section of Route 110 as Assemblyman James D. Conte Memorial Highway.

The Assembly today unanimously passed legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci (R,C,WF,I-Huntington Station) to designate a section of State Route 110 as the “Assemblyman James D.  Conte Memorial Highway.” Conte represented the Town of Huntington and surrounding areas for 24 years before his death last year. The bill received a standing ovation when it passed.

“Assemblyman Conte embodied the spirit of faithful public service, not only to his constituents, but to the state as a whole,” said Lupinacci. “Jim was not simply a boss, he was truly a friend and mentor who inspired me to go into public service. His tireless advocacy for organ and tissue donation won him great acclaim among his colleagues, and the resulting legislation has undoubtedly improved the quality of life for many New Yorkers.”

The portion of New York State Route 110 to bear his name is an ideal location, as it is at the heart of the 10th Assembly District, and is where his district office was located.

Video of the Assembly passing the legislation and Assemblyman Lupinacci speaking on the bill can be seen at:

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1 comment to Section of Route 110 Renamed After Assemblyman James D. Conte

  • mr

    If mr Lupinacci wants to dedicate a portion of 110 and the legislature believes it be ovation worthy, let them dig in their OWN pockets to pay for the signs and installation. pony up private funds for the dedication ceremony. the town of huntington could likely save millions by stopping the insane practice of putting the names of all the council people on EVERY sign in town. the money we waste ‘patting’ these clowns on the back could be better used to clean up and protect the beaches and parks. just put the name of the park or beach on the sign with the website address and phone number for town hall.

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