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Green Cactus Mexican Grill and Building Homes For Heroes to Benefit Wounded Men or Women of the Military

Help build a home for a wounded

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The Green Cactus Grill is proud to announce that the restaurant will be donating the net proceeds from business brought in on Thursday, June 20, 2013, to Building Homes for Heroes.  All 12 Green Cactus locations will participate in this tremendous outpouring of support.  Building Homes for Heroes is a Long Island-based non-profit organization that is committed to assisting the severely wounded or disabled men and women of the military, with a goal to build or renovate homes for families in dire need.

Since 2006, Building Homes for Heroes, which is headquartered In Valley Stream, has been at the forefront of making a significant difference in the lives of the severely wounded men and women of the military forces of the United States.  The organization builds homes from the ground up or modifies existing homes to meet the needs of the brave men and women who selflessly served our country.  These mortgage-free homes not only help to remove the family’s financial burden, they help to restore the individual’s freedom, and enable the veteran to lead a more independent and productive civilian life.

In 2013, Building Homes for Heroes anticipates building of modifying 30 homes throughout the country, and expect to announce another Long Island recipient in the near future.  In 2012, the organization welcomed USMC Captain James Byler to his remodeled home in Huntington.  Captain Byler lost both legs while serving our country in Afghanistan.  The major renovation of his home cost approximately $250,000.  The Green Cactus Grill was one of the generous supporters that made the project come to fruition.

ABOUT THE GREEN CACTUS GRILL:  The Green Cactus Grill is a Mexican Grill-style restaurant chain based in NY.  The company prides itself on creating superb Mexican food in a fast-food setting.  All meals are made to order, using only FRESH ingredients.

For more information on this event, please call 516 684-9220.  Feel free to visit the company website at


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