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Tomorrow’s Rally is Call to Action for Parents and Educators to Support Bill

Rally for education tomorrow, June 18, 2013.

Rally for education tomorrow, June 18, 2013. Please click to enlarge photo.

On Tuesday, June 18, 2013, at 5:30 p.m. in Holbrook, a rally will be held to introduce bill A07994 to withdraw New York from Race to the Top and Common Core State Standards.

Address: 991 Main Street, Suite 202, Holbrook, NY.

Letter from Concerned Huntington Resident:

“I’m a very involved parent of a third-grader who attends Southdown Primary in Huntington School District #3. Not turning nine until July 28th, I’m seeing first-hand the effects of these state standards that don’t account for an individual’s cognitive development. Teaching is NOT a one size fits ALL solution! Several weeks back Parents and Teachers against Common Core (P-TACC) picketed outside of Sen. John Flanagan’s office in Smithtown. This was was the result of many, many emails and attempts to schedule a meeting to voice our concerns about the deformation of education we are seeing today. I find it inconceivable that an elected representative REFUSES to meet with his constituents, especially since he is the NYS Chair of Education and accountable to every parent of New York’s school children. Assemblyman Graf’s bill #A07994 already has 24 co-sponsors, including Andrew Raia of Northport and Chad Lupinacci of Huntington Station. We are currently working with the Senate’s, Phil Boyle of Bayport to draft the same bill to withdraw New York from ALL the federal requirements of Race to the Top which includes the  Common Core, High-stakes Testing and the assessments linked to teacher evaluations, data collection and the closing of schools. This was our goal from the beginning… and when I say beginning I mean just 9 weeks ago. See what passionate parents can accomplish. This is far from over, but it’s a great step in the right direction.

See the following sites for more information:

and (STOP COMMON CORE IN NYS) (P-TACC, parents and teachers against the common core facebook page)


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1 comment to Tomorrow’s Rally is Call to Action for Parents and Educators to Support Bill

  • SHS Staff

    Good Luck fighting The Obama Regime, Sticky Fingers Cuomo and John B. (Never Taught A Day because I rode the Affirmative Action Train and my grandpappy’s name) King Jr.

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