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Nominations for Klaber Award Wanted

Part of the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to serve the business community in order to better the quality of life for its residents.  In an effort to acknowledge residents with similar goals, the Chamber is seeking nominations for its John Klaber Memorial Award. The John Klaber Memorial Award symbolizes devotion to the community. It is given to a citizen, at least 60 years of age, who has a record of distinguished and exceptional voluntary service to the community for 15 years or more and has held key leadership positions with diversified town-wide organizations.

A well known local architect, Mr. Klaber was born in 1884, moved to Huntington in 1945.  During his 26 years as a Town resident he was involved in countless community activities as Vice President of the Old Village Green and Vice President of the local chapter of the NAACP, a member of the Huntington Historical Society, Historical Sites Preservation Committee, Huntington Lions Club and the American Legion.  He sought to improve the quality of life and preserve the beauty and charm of the place he had come to call home. Mr. Klaber was an active member of the community until his death in 1971, at the age of 87 when at that time he was serving on the Chamber’s Planning and Zoning, Human Resources, and Town and County Affairs Committees.

A symbol of one’s dedication to your town, the Klaber Award is bestowed to an individual, at least 60 years of age, who has a record of distinguished and exceptional voluntary service to the community for 15 years or more.  Previous recipients include:

Clayton F. Mugridge – 1973

Bryon Sammis – 1974

John Ficker – 1975

Richard E. Allen – 1976

Honorable Fred Munder – 1977

Jack Lee – 1979

Jane M. Sullivan – 1981

Robert Mitchell – 1984

Ruth F. Concoran – 1986

John Jazombek – 1988

John Staib – 1989

Quentin Sammis – 1991

Anthony Mastroianni – 1992

Walter Spilsbury – 1997

Arthur Goldstein – 1998

Vaughan Spilsbury – 1999

Mary C. Cary – 2000

Libby Hubbard – 2001

Clifford Starkins & Joy Squires – 2002

Duncan Elder – 2003

Kenneth A. Christensen & Eleanor Casey – 2004

Delores Thompson – 2010

The award is not given every year and has not been awarded since 2010.  The deadline for nominations is August 1, 2013.  Please submit the names of those individuals you feel embody the spirit of community dedication and fulfill the nomination guidelines.  To nominate someone, please forward on the Chamber’s Klaber Nomination Committee (164 Main Street, Huntington, NY 11743), a letter detailing your candidates accomplishments along with supporting materials (biography, resume, press clippings, etc). The announcement of the recipient, if chosen, will be made at a chamber event later in the year.

For additional information, contact Ken Christensen, Chair of Klaber Nomination Committee at (631) 239-6311.

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