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Covanta Huntington Recognizes Student Artists in Annual Recycling Poster Contest

HUNTG Recyclying Poster contest - 05222013Covanta Huntington, L.P., the operator of the Energy-from-Waste facility in East Northport, recently held its annual Recycling Poster Contest for Grades 1-6.  Hosted by Facility Manager, Tom Chambers, and Business Manager, Jeff George, all elementary and intermediate schools in the Towns of Huntington and Smithtown are invited to participate.  As part of Covanta’s Clean World Initiative and community outreach, the poster contest encourages students to think about recycling and the positive impact that it has on our local communities.  This event then allows the students to take these ideas and express them in the form of a poster which is integrated into their art, science, and social studies curriculums.

“This is a great event for both Covanta Huntington and the participating schools,” said Jeff George, Covanta Huntington Business Manager. “It’s important for the kids in our community to be aware of what they are throwing in the trash and know their options for disposal and recycling.  We encourage them to join us in our commitment to sustainability by reducing, reusing and recycling – followed by recovery of energy from waste that cannot otherwise be recycled.

Several local officials also joined in to support the poster contest winners.  In attendance were Councilman Mark Cuthbertson and Councilwoman Susan Berland, both from the Town of Huntington.  “It was a pleasure to support Covanta and the winners of the poster contest at their award ceremony,” commented Councilwoman Berland. “Instilling our children with the values of recycling and being a good steward to our environment here in Huntington, and nationwide, at a young age is very important.  I am pleased that Huntington has so many talented artists and I encourage all students to continue their artistic endeavors and to submit their posters in next year’s competition.”

Councilman Cuthbertson added, “Recycling and educating young people about recycling in one of the many ways to aid in efforts to have a more sustainable environment.  These creative and award-winning posters are a great part of that effort.”

In 2012, Covanta Huntington processed in excess of 335,000 tons of solid waste from the Towns of Huntington and Smithtown left over after recycling efforts – waste that would otherwise need to be disposed of in landfills.  Processing this waste using proven EfW technology, the facility generated over 189,000 megawatt hours of clean, renewable energy which is fed directly onto the Long Island grid. Additionally, over 7,000 tons of ferrous metal were recycled from the facility.   In late 2013, Covanta Huntington will begin recycling non-ferrous metals which will increase recycling and further reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Recovering energy from waste after efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle have been employed is a critical component of managing residual waste. For every ton of municipal solid waste processed at energy-from-waste facilities like Covanta Huntington greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by the equivalent of approximately one ton less of carbon dioxide emissions. This is possible due to the avoidance of methane from landfills, the offset of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel electrical production and the recovery of metals for recycling. Covanta’s energy-from-waste facilities annually offset approximately 20 million tons of greenhouse gases, the equivalent of the carbon sequestered by planting 460 million trees.  Covanta is committed to providing the cleanest, most reliable source of energy from waste in the world.

For more information, visit Covanta’s webpage at

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