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Swan Song for the Present Administration

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4 comments to Swan Song for the Present Administration

  • Rocket88

    The “voting public and the middle class”? Why not the taxpayer also?

  • Gino

    I predict that Mr. Petrone and Mr. Cuthbertson win by a landslide and that Mr. Mayoka will be replaced by Ed Perez. But, you never know for sure. Good luck to the candidates of all parties and thank you for running.

  • Gino's Mommy!

    I said just the other day Gino you went missing and forgot to take your meds. You are delirious from the fall when you hit your head my son! You go tell those Democrats they can waste all their money trying to primary each other but to STAY OUT OF THE BASEMENT! The liquor bottles on recycling day is starting to become embarrassing.


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