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Huntington Reopens Veterans Nature Study Area

In 1974, the federal government gave the Town of Huntington three acres that became the Veterans Nature Study Area, with the requirement that the site be used for educational purposes. Several years ago, the site was closed after it was learned that the Veterans Administration Hospital had used the site as a dumping ground and that it was a Brownfield site requiring remediation. With the $2 million project (almost all of it state funded) complete, the study area will now reopen and be used for educational purposes again.

Part of the refoliation of the site will be accomplished through the trees being planted by Northport’s Bellerose Avenue Elementary School 4th graders and by two Girl Scouts, Brianna and Alex Sierra, who live adjacent to the site and who grew larger white pines and helped with the cleanup.   The plantings are a fitting observance of Arbor Day and marks Huntington’s continuing recognition as a Tree City USA.



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