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Councilman Eugene Cook Running for Town of Huntington Supervisor

Eugene Cook

Eugene Cook

Dear Editor:

Last week I spoke before the members of the Huntington Republican Committee who were screening candidates for public office.  Although I am a member of the Independence Party, the members of the Republican committee were overwhelmingly enthusiastic of the potential for me being a candidate for the office of Supervisor for the Town of Huntington.  I share their concerns about the current majority’s fiscal mismanagement and believe that the residents of this Town are ready and deserve a Town Hall that is run independent of partisan politics and operated in a fiscally conservative and responsive manner.  I therefore have decided that I am announcing my candidacy for the office of Supervisor in the Town of Huntington.  It is my hope that all Town residents, will band together in a joint multi-partisan effort and  will support my effort to serve them as their next Town Supervisor.

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11 comments to Councilman Eugene Cook Running for Town of Huntington Supervisor

  • Enough

    Please present a sound and clear message throughout your campaign! Huntington needs a change and cant afford the status quo.

  • There's a method....

    YES!! A voice of reason at last! Huntington is desperately in need of change, and Gene Cook is the man to bring it!

  • Anonymous

    Is franky running?

  • Anonymous

    Is he connected to those crazy racist people?

    • A Fan

      Nope, he’s the one that’s going to relieve the racists of their fat $100,000 salaries.

    • disgusted+

      Yes he is.

      But he changes his colors to whoever is in front of him. He stands for nothing except his ego. And he will say anything – although he never has long sentences or thoughts.

      He will be outed big time for the uneducated fool he is.

  • Broken Promises

    My wife and I voted for Cook. Because he said the first thing he would do was have a resolution for term limits.

  • A Fan

    Thank god. Please take all these crooks with their obscene salaries and disgusting pompous attitudes down. The people of Huntington have NO idea what waste is going on and the various terrible people who make 100+K a year based off of family favors. The fact that anyone would intentionally employ an awful racist like Thom Boccard (who’s costs the town quite a lot of money through incompetence) or a nasty woman like Lisa Baisley (who is supposed to help people, but isn’t wired for it) is amazing, but only the town of Huntington pays them almost $300,000 collectively for their wonderful talents.

    Anyone who doesn’t vote for Mr Cook is someone who enjoys throwing their money away. These people are stealing from you and Cook has a reputation of honesty and best of all.. he’s not part of that horrid system. The current supervisor never is challenged… unless you call sitting on a pile of unjust money while eating expensive steaks and testing the bounds of your overflowing stomach a challenge. Actually, it might be. Really people, stop feeding this man and let the real man clean up this mess.

    Seriously, folks, you have no idea what goes on in that town and don’t let some fancy new roads fool you. It’s a smokescreen to protect their world class salaries.



    The man who wants four car garages. Bet Pius will donate to him.

    And how can he work for Schenkler and Besen in Port Washington.

    And how can one Caruso daughter work for Crook and the other for Petrone. 100k plus to the Caruso household……

    Tea party ? Indy ? Pub? Melius boy? hmmmmmm.

    Check how many times he voted in the last ten years.

    We love Gene Crook.

  • David Semmes

    I just got a robo-call from Councilman Eugene Cook? Why in the world would I vote for someone who is so disrespectful of me, my private contact information, and my time that he thinks he can interrupt me at home to make me listen to him for his purposes? Why don’t you simply shout at people passing by at busy intersections? At least then, I could avoid you or reply.

    Councilman Cook, I’d like to see more basic respect for others from you before I think you are electable.

    • Fake Thomas Boccard

      David, nobody cares about that so pipe down and look at the issues. Councilman Cook is trying to rid the town of corruption and terrible crooks. Off the bat i know of 591,271 being spent on unqualified people who were appointed positions by Frank Petrone and Mark Cuthbertson due to campaign donations. Also, Frank has a bit over 50K worth of donations on the books since he started, but a birthday party every year where people pay him under the table. YOUR tax dollars go for that. Are you still make about you phone call?

      Also, in this economy, while laying off town workers, Mr. Petrone, who lived in Florida a large portion of the year, felt he needed a nice fat raise.

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