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Letter to the Editor: Town of Huntington Parking Fees

Councilman Mark Mayoka

Councilman Mark Mayoka

Dear Editor,

On February 26, I represented the Town Board at the Huntington Chamber Networking Breakfast where the topic of the day was the Huntington Village Parking Study.  I noted the merchants concerns, anger and distress caused by the increase in parking fines. At the request of some of the merchants and based on my business experience I prepared a resolution to eliminate the increase to metered parking fines.

The Huntington Village Business Improvement District (“Huntington Village BID”) requested the Town Board reconsider the increase in metered parking fines that were recently increased from twenty-five dollars ($25) to fifty dollars ($50), pursuant to Local Law 18 of 2012.  In 2012 over 4100 traffic summonses were issued at a cost of $102,500 to the residents.  I don’t think it is fair to penalize the residents further and charge them an additional $102,500.  As elected officials it is not our job to add insult to injury.

At the April 9th Town Board meeting I introduced resolution 2013-176 to schedule a public hearing to roll back the fines that were part of the 2013 adopted operating budget, that I voted against.  The new fines were scheduled to go into effect on March 1, 2013. The only way to roll back these onerous fines is through a town board resolution.

“Shop Local” has become a national rallying call for small businesses across the country; an increase in fines would act as a deterrent and discourage shoppers. I will be re-introducing this same resolution at the May 7th Town Board meeting. In these tough economic times we need to help promote local businesses, not hinder them.

In November 2012, I voted against the increase in parking fees and fines that were part of the town budget.  I advocated for Small Business Saturday because I believe that the town needs to work with small business owners and help stimulate our local economy.

I believe that a public hearing will allow the Town Board the opportunity to listen to the local business owner’s, their employees and patrons’ express their thoughts and opinions about parking fines. The hearing will provide a valuable tool to assist in creating a clear picture of how to move forward.


Councilman Mark Mayoka, CPA

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7 comments to Letter to the Editor: Town of Huntington Parking Fees

  • Rocket88

    The town better figure out how to provide more parking or the “shop local” slogan will be a thing of the past. The Paramount increaes the problem but in general,as our baby boomer generation residents start to retire, they will shop at malls if they have to drive around forever for a spot or park a mile away. I see it now and I hear about it all the time.

  • chickadee

    I don’t shop in Huntington because I can never find a parking space!

  • Allan

    I have always found parking place. It may be as far as a quarter mile away (Gasp!. If you shop at the mall, you still a good walk to the store you want to shop at.

    • Rocket88

      Actually, you shop at the mal at the right time and your right in front of the store. Plus, it’s not metered so I can take my time without worrying about a $50.00 fine.

  • Wundaboy

    Has anyone else ever noticed that none of the meters have signs or information informing of when you must feed the meter? ie., do you have to pay after 5pm, or on Sundays etc.???

  • Jimbo

    I don’t see the problem here. If shoppers put money in the meter, there’s no fine. Currently village meters allow an hour of parking for $0.25. Not a bad deal.

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