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Kids Corner: Former Major Leaguers to Hold Clinic at Greenlawn Park

Huntington Supervisor Frank P. Petrone invites all aspiring baseball players to learn from the best – former major leaguers – at a special free clinic on May 19 at Greenlawn Park, which is open to children ages 6-16.

The Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association will bring its Legends for Youth Clinic program to the 90-foot field at the park, on Pulaski Road in Greenlawn, from 1 to 4 p.m.  Legends for Youth is a charitable program running more than 85 free events nationwide each year. Its mission is to promote the game of baseball to America’s youth using positive sports images and personalities.

“For many children, this is a unique opportunity to learn the right way to play baseball and to develop the skills that may someday make them major leaguers,” Supervisor Petrone said. “We are honored that the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association has chosen Greenlawn Park for their only New York-area clinic this year.”

The players will teach baseball fundamentals – throwing, catching, batting, base running, fielding and pitching—in a multi-station format, including a station called The Greatest Save that focuses on personal safety, life skills and making positive decisions. Following the instruction, the players will sign autographs for the participants.

Children wishing to participate should register at the MLBPAA’s website, Click on “events” to find the clinic and register.

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