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Huntington BOE Adopts Budget

The Huntington Board of Education (BOE) adopted a $114-million budget last night on a 5-2 vote with BOE president Emily Rogan and trustees Tom DiGiacomo, Adam Spector, Jen Hebert and Xavier Palacios voting for it and board vice president John Paci III and trustee Richard McGrath voted against it. Superintendent James W. Polansky offered two slightly different versions of the budget but the board voted on just the first. Here is Polansky’s budget presentation:

The $114,707,235 budget represents a 2.55% increase over the current budget and means an estimated monthly tax increase of $22.81 on a home assessed at $3,650. Annually, that’s a $273.75 increase for the same assessment.

Important Dates:

May 13, Public hearing to discuss the budget.

May 21, Vote and Election of BOE candidates

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