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Huntington Town Councilman Mark Mayoka Proposes Changes to Improve the Budget Process

While awaiting the results of the New York State Audit, Councilman Mark Mayoka believes that the Town Board needs to improve the budget process with 3 open government initiatives.

Councilman Mayoka is sponsoring a resolution to require that members of the Town Council have at least 30 days to review any proposed bonding resolutions before a vote. The Councilman stated that “Many bond resolutions require millions of dollars in funding and should not be rushed through but given a thorough review.”

Last year Councilman Mark Mayoka initially voted against the proposed refunding resolution because there was not sufficient time for a review.  The original savings was projected to be 7 hundred thousand dollars; however, because of the review the actual funding plan changed and the savings increased to 2 million dollars.  “The extra time benefited the residents of Huntington to the tune of 1.3 million dollars.  The extra 4 weeks were an investment in time well spent.” said the Councilman.

The Councilman’s second initiative is to implement a policy to prepare 5 year budget projections as opposed to the current 1 year projection.   “We are going back to the basics in doing what used to be town policy. I think we need to keep our eye on the ball and work to maintain our AAA bond rating.”

The Councilman requested copies of the budget projection last year, but was denied until a formal FOIL request was made.  The Interim Comptroller then produced a 1 year projection.  Councilman Mayoka stated that “An Elected Councilman should never have to FOIL for information needed in the budget decision making process essential to helping the residents.”

Councilman Mayoka’s third initiative is to implement a policy to prepare 5-10 year Highway Equipment Replacement Plans.  The current Highway equipment is way beyond its useful life and needs to be replaced. Much of the equipment is in excess of 20 years old, some of which was damaged beyond repair from Hurricane Sandy. Councilman Mayoka said “The Highway department’s function is an essential service provided to the residents that must be maintained.”

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4 comments to Huntington Town Councilman Mark Mayoka Proposes Changes to Improve the Budget Process

  • Sounds Good

    I don’t see any reason not to grant these requests. They sound reasonable and prudent.

  • Petroned

    You can’t trust the democrat majority led by Frank Petrone to make it easy for Mayoka and Cook to get information that is for the benefit of the town citizens. The absurdity of the town board democrats to make Mayoka and Cook file FOIL requests for information that is legally and morally proper for them to attain without that process shows the disdain and contempt Petrone and democrats have for honest and open government and the citizens of Huntington.

  • Mayoka is Tepe Puppet

    do nothing Mayoka is up for reelection. He should be voting on a Huntington Town Controller Huntington has none.
    Petrone will win reeelection as Republican Party Leader Tepe stated in interview Sunday’s Newsday that she is picking John Flanagan to run for Supervisor that way if Flanagan elected “he will be learning to be an administrator as he hsa no experience and this will be helpful to and when Flanagan wants to run for statewide office the experience of Supervisor will be great”.
    Tepe cut a deal that if the Dems leave Marky boy alone she will not run a strong candidate for Supervisor.

  • Oh My Gosh

    Flanagan can beat Petrone. Petrone has taken enormous amounts of money from builders developers and attorneys representing real estate interests. Petrone has almost a million dollars thanks to his pro urban ways. Flanagan has about half that and could raise a lot more. With Frank Petrone we get more overcrowded and poorer.

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