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Cracked Egg….No Yoke

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15 comments to Cracked Egg….No Yoke

  • Gino

    This is an amusing political cartoon but the truth is we have a great town that is progressive and well run by Supervisor Frank Petrone who I predict will be re-elected by a landslide.

  • Concerned

    Your Kidding.

    • Gino

      No, seriously. There is no other town on Long Island with the vibrancy, beauty, economic development, affordable/senior/workforce housing, parks and recreation, government programs, roads and infrastructure, town supported cultural events, etc., etc.

  • Gino's Mommy

    I keep telling him to get back in the basement where he belongs. My little Italian Sausage is not for public exposure. Every time I go into his lair I nearly trip on all the empty bottles. I wish he would put on a clean shirt. He needs medication and won’t take it. He claims it does not taste good with the vodka.

  • Sansdoute

    Gino the progressive. Probably a good friend of Jon Cooper who lives where he grew up with his parents in secluded Loyd Harbor. No affordable housing is allowed to be built or single family house can have an accessory apartment. Yep those limosine liberal progressives as long as they don’t live on New York ave or Depot road or Pulaski Road and lenox Road they can be extremely liberal for others to follow. Petrone has been in office at least 16 years to long. I always thought progressives liked environmental conservation but I guess not, when, it interferes with urbanizing a nice town.

    • Gino

      @Sansdoute: Why would you speculate about who my friends might be? Snarky and cute but totally irrelevant. Workforce/senior and affordable housing (which we need more of) will always be located where they are most needed most, i.e., in areas near industry, commerce and public transportation like Huntington Station; not in Lloyd Harbor.

  • Sansdoute

    Progressive like smart growth ? Progressive like Transit Oriented Districts ? Progressive like single family houses turned into multiple dwellings ? Progressive like more section 8 housing in Huntington Station ? Progressive like apartments over stores all along rte 110, Larkfield road, Commack rd, Jericho tpk, Commack rd,Broadway Greenlawn, rte 25a,etc ? Progressive like more affordable housing projects being built in Huntington Station, Northport etc where many if not most of the residents will be out of town people ?

    One sad fact is the progressives and their housing advocate pals (builders/realtors/developers included)will never ever be satisfied with what has taken place. They will always want more housing and more downzoning no matter what is agreed to. Give them 2 stories they want 3 stories, give them 3 housing projects they then want 4,give them accessory apartments in single family houses then complain it’s not enough and so on and so on.

    Take a long look at Smithtown than take a long look at Huntington and you can see the urbanization and decay that has become common place in Huntington. More is not always better but sometimes much much worse as with over development and housing.

    • Gino

      I think you are over-simplifying the issues. People need a place to live. You don’t need to take a long look at Smithtown to see that it is not racially diversified and has little economic development. If that is your ideal why don’t you just move there and be happy?

      • move?

        Why do opponents have to move? There are plenty of rentals available all over long island. How about move to where you can afford and stop trying to change the SUBURBS of Long Island.

  • Anonymous

    Is the lady that closed the school runnning again for office?

  • Lady that closed the school

    Yes, her name is Susan Berland. She is responsible for town issues including code enforcement. Lack of code enforcement of years under Susan Berlands watch left the Board of Education for Huntington School District no choice but to keep children safe and relocate them to other schools to send a message to corrupt politicians to do their jobs. Ms Berland was too busy adding in Housing projects like Avalon Bay and making parking an issue by taking political donations from Paramount. You see, the illegal homes? No money their for the politicians, no photos ops so yes she will be trying to run for Supervisor of Huntington if Frank Patrone steps away.

    • Gino

      @Lady that closed the school; Every sentence of your rant cotains serious innacuracies, libelous statements and a lack of knowledge and facts.

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