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Woman Found Dead In Huntington Station House

58 East 12th Street, Huntington Station

58 East 12th Street, Huntington Station

The body of a 49-year-old woman was discovered in a vacant Huntington Station house recently cited by the Town Board as a “blighted property.”

According to police, the female subject was found in an unoccupied home located at 58 East 12th Street, Huntington Station on February 11.  SCPD reported that the cause of death was not suspicious.

Authorities will not disclose a victim’s name when no criminality is involved.  Non-criminal deaths include natural causes, suicide, drug overdose and others. The woman’s remains were brought to the Suffolk County Medical Examiner’s office for autopsy. The ME would not identify the victim nor reveal the cause of death.

Part of the TOH records show that the property is owned by Huntview Estates, LTD while another section of the Town website illustrates that the owners are Donald and Joyce Rose. Both parties show the same Halesite Post Office Box as their mailing address.

Examination of New York State Department of State, Division of Corporations’ records indicate that attorney Kenneth A. Deegan of 34 Dewey Street, Huntington, is Chairman or Chief Executive Officer of Huntview Estates, LTD. A member of Mr. Deegan’s office staff said that he is in Florida and unavailable for comment.

Huntington Town Spokesman AJ Carter says that he verified the property ownership with the Town Attorney who confirmed that Donald and Joyce Rose are the titleholders.  Mr. Carter says that Mr. Deegan is apparently the attorney for the couple.  No local address for Donald and/or Joyce Rose was uncovered at press time.

58 East 12th Street has a checkered history.  In 2002 the Zoning Violations Bureau fined the owners $4000 for maintaining an illegal apartment at the site and in 2009, Suffolk County took possession of the property for non-payment of taxes. That case appears to have been settled.

On August 3, 2010, the Town Board passed a resolution (#2010-375) authorizing the correction of Code violations for litter and property maintenance infractions. At the time, the owners were again identified as Donald & Joyce Rose. And On February 5, 2013, the Town Board adopted a Resolution (2013-M-9) placing the site on the Blighted Property Inventory list, scheduling a hearing for March 5th, 2013 at 2PM.

Area business owners report that the house has been occupied by squatters “on-and-off” for more than two years.

Mr. Carter related that after the woman’s remains were discovered, Code Enforcement officers contacted Mr. Deegan and insisted that the house be boarded up.  As the photo illustrates, the Public Safety demand was followed.


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4 comments to Woman Found Dead In Huntington Station House

  • Petroned

    Very very sad. The town years ago should have taken the owners of the house to court. Unfortunately the town for decades neglected in enforcing their zoning laws to the fullest. Fines and fees are just another business expense to these real estate businesses/slumlords. If the town took these people before a court judge where they could face actual criminal penalties and jail time much of these violations would not occur. May GOD BLESS that poor woman found in the house.

    The town government responsible for our housing fiasco is Frank Petrone and his two lackys Susan Berland and Mark Cuthbertson. The democrats favor turning parts of Huntington into urbanized high density housing. A big big loss for town citizens who want a suburban community.

  • Anonymous

    Yea well even if they sent the owners to court nothing would happen that judge would do nothing and it would go on for months and months

  • Mike Hunt

    Junkie…now ur dead…the ultimate high

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