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Snowstorm Nemo: Motorists Who Abandoned Vehicles and LIE Still Closed

Motorists who had to abandon their vehicles on local roads due to the snowstorm must call the precinct of occurrence to obtain information on recovering vehicles. This DOES NOT pertain to vehicles abandoned on the Long Island Expressway, Sunrise Highway or any state parkways.


  • First Precinct 631-854-8100
  • Second Precinct 631-854-8200
  • Third Precinct 631-854-8300
  • Fourth Precinct 631-854-8400
  • Fifth Precinct 631-854-8500
  • Sixth Precinct 631-854-8600
  • Seventh Precinct 631-852-8700

Also, based on progress of snow removal, the LIE still closed today  in both directions until 9 p.m. from exits 57 and 73. 

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