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Letter to the Editor: Clean World Initiative

Dear Editor,

Covanta Huntington, operator of the local Energy-from-Waste (EfW) facility serving the Towns of Huntington and Smithtown, is celebrating the fifth anniversary of our Clean World Initiative (CWI) – a program developed to bring sustainability to every facet of our company’s business, including facility operations, research and development, the advancement of solid waste management and community partnerships and programs.

In the five short years of the CWI, we have achieved some significant milestones. They include:

Reliability and Emissions Reduction

Covanta Huntington has maintained world-class reliability, with one of the highest boiler availability rates in the power-generating industry while also reducing emissions. Over the past five years, we have reduced our NOx emissions by over 20%.  When aggregating all emissions, Covanta EfW facilities across the country perform on average 65 percent below the Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements.

Advancing Sustainable Waste Management

In 2012, Covanta Huntington processed in excess of 335,000 tons of residual solid waste generated within the Towns of Huntington and Smithtown – waste that would otherwise be lost in landfills.  Processing this waste using proven EfW technology, we generated (net) over 189,000MW of clean, renewable energy which was placed back into the Long Island grid.  Additionally, we recycled over 7,000 tons of ferrous metal from that waste.  Beginning in late 2013, we will also begin recovering non-ferrous metals which will further reduce the amount of waste which is ultimately sent to landfill.  This is both good for the environment and economically beneficial to the Towns.

Community Focus and Partnerships

Covanta’s long history of community engagement is far-reaching and an integral part of our Clean World Initiative.  For a number of years, Covanta Huntington has been a proud sponsor on the Town’s annual Earth Day celebration, providing important funding for eWaste collection and destruction.  We also actively participate in Rx4Safety, in partnership with the Suffolk County Police Department’s “Operation Medicine Cabinet”, which gets unused, unwanted, expired and potentially dangerous prescription drugs out of the medicine cabinet and into a safe and secure disposal system through monitored destruction at our facility.  Covanta Huntington has also brought the “Fishing for Energy” program to Northport and many other Long Island harbor towns which has had a positive impact on the commercial fishing community and on the marine environment by offering a no-cost solution to fishermen to dispose of old, derelict, or unusable fishing gear, working to reduce the amount of fishing gear in and around coastal waterways.

We encourage the Towns of Huntington and Smithtown to join us in our commitment to sustainability by reducing, reusing and recycling. To learn more about the Clean World Initiative and Covanta’s efforts to improve environmental, health and safety performance, please visit,



Jeff George

Business Manager, Covanta Huntington, L.P.

Covanta Energy


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1 comment to Letter to the Editor: Clean World Initiative

  • Hton

    Hey Jeff your site is the cause of cancer and other medical problems in the Huntington/Smithtown areas so stop being so proud.

    Residence should be suing your ass off.

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