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Huntington Town Board Acts on Variety of Measures

After a moment of silence in memory of the 26 children and adults murdered at a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school, the Huntington Town Board concluded its meeting schedule for 2013 by acting on a wide variety of measures Tuesday December 18.

At the meeting, the Board:

  — authorized execution of a contract of sale and appropriated funding to acquire approximately five acres of the former Park Avenue Dairy property at the corner of Park Avenue and Woodhull Road in Huntington. The property, an important historic site, is a key trailhead link in the planned Huntington Heritage Trail.

      — authorized Supervisor Frank P. Petrone to enter into a memorandum of understanding with Covanta Huntington LLP to explore the feasibility of expanding the metal recovery system at the Resource Recovery Facility to include non-ferrous metals. Covanta, which runs the plant, already collects ferrous metals from the waste stream and sells them, with the Town receiving 90 percent of the revenue.

— approved the Heckscher Museum’s proposed sale by public auction of native American artifacts and a ceremonial cannon and the long-term loan of the Town’s mineral collection held by the museum to Stony Brook University’s  Department of Geosciences. The artifacts and mineral collection have been in storage for decades and are not part of the museum’s core mission.

— approved establishment of a memorial garden, including a small statue, inside the fenced playground at Heckscher Park as a memorial to Victoria Gaines, one of three children killed in a July 4, 2012, boating accident. Costs associated with the statue, plantings and walkway will be donated by the Gaines family; the Town will assist with the installation of the statue and plantings.

— named the environmental center at the Fuchs Pond preserve in Northport as the Cranberry Hill Environmental Center, in recognition of the original name Rudolph Reimer gave the estate when he developed the property in 1927. Reiner later served from 1934 to 1940 as the federal Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization.

— approved settlement of a lawsuit with Huntington Hospital over charges for the hospital’s use of the Huntington Sewer System and execution of a contract with the hospital over future charges.

— approved fare increases for the HART bus system.

set a public hearing for January 8, 2013 to consider acquiring two parcels as additions to Gateway Park.

set a public hearing for 7 p.m. on February 5, 2013 to hear comments and suggestions on the Town’s response to Hurricane Sandy.


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