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Huntington Station Hood Gets Sixteen Years

U.S. District Judge Sandra J. Feuerstein sentenced former Huntington Station resident Edwin Morejon, 22, and co-defendant Angel Cordero Jr., 29, of Deer Park to 16 years in prison after the pair pleaded guilty to charges of gang-related conspiracy to commit assaults with dangerous weapons; attempted assault with a dangerous weapon; and illegal possession of a firearm in connection with a crime of violence.

Law enforcement sources close to the case related that, under Cordero’s leadership in 2009 and early 2010, members of Huntington’s Latin Kings shot four people they believed were rival gang members.  The FBI’s Long Island Gang Task Force, with assistance from Suffolk County Police detectives, was able to collect enough evidence to convict the pair after a two-year investigation. Stemming from a March 25, 2010 coordinated law enforcement operation, the FBI Long Island Gang Task Force and Suffolk County Police Department Special Operations Team arrested eight suspected Latin King gang members in Huntington Station and Deer Park on various federal charges. All eight of the subjects were taken into custody without incident and appeared in the Eastern District of New York Federal Court later that day.

According to information released by US Attorney Loretta Lynch, Cordero “participated in multiple attempted shootings” in Huntington Station.  Among them was the September 1, 2009, shooting near Jack Abrams Intermediate School. The incident ultimately led to the school’s closing– a decision that caused considerable controversy within the Huntington School District #3 School Board, initiating discord among parents and civic groups.

Attorney Lynch commented that in his attempts “to own the streets of Huntington Station, Cordero turned those streets into a shooting gallery, unleashing gunfire throughout the community, including near a school.”

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1 comment to Huntington Station Hood Gets Sixteen Years

  • madtaxpayer

    These bums ruined a community and a school district. Caused grief to many and made thousands of lives miserable. They are the reasons we pay more in taxes. They should be given hard labor while in prison and if they are not legal citizens of the USA be deported after their sentences are completed. This would come with a warning if they sneak back into the USA and are caught they can spend an automatic 10 years in prison and charge the country from whence they came for their incarceration.

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