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Walt Whitman High School Student Falls from Third Floor

An unidentified Walt Whitman high school student fell from a third-floor classroom window. Suffolk County Police don’t know yet whether he jumped or fell. The student was airlifted to Stony Brook University Hospital today and is said to be in stable condition.

The school is on modified lockdown.


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2 comments to Walt Whitman High School Student Falls from Third Floor

  • jumped or fell police say?? maybe someone pushed him out u overpaid retards, cops suck ass, they serve n protect nothing, they just harrass u n make u feel like shit bcus 80% were bullied n picked on as kidsn teens, n now they csn csrry a gun n badge n they usually just abuse their power. its so disgusting seeing the tax dollars wasted…do u feel any safer w cops around, cus i feel the opposite, they scare ppl w threats n bogus accusations, n make 6 figures for doing NOTHING!!!!!!!

  • oh no!

    Previous poster I hope didn’t attend our fine public school system. If people feel our culture isn’t declining just reading his post will change many minds.

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