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Suffolk County Legislature Holds Public Hearing on Post Sandy Response Assessment

The Suffolk County Legislature’s Public Safety and Economic Development and Energy committees will hold a joint public hearing on the “Post Sandy Response Assessment” on Thursday, December 6 at 6 p.m. at the Rose Y. Caracappa Auditorium, in the William H. Rogers Building located at 725 Veterans Memorial Highway, Smithtown.

The purpose of this public hearing is to give the public an opportunity to express their concerns regarding the overall response to the superstorm Sandy relief efforts.  As a result of the storm, thousands of residents throughout Suffolk County were left with property damage, power loss, and a number of other issues related to the storm. This public hearing will allow an opportunity for the public to express any grievances related to Sandy, and offer recommendations for future storm preparation.

After the public hearing, a follow-up meeting will be scheduled to allow an opportunity for all departments, agencies, and companies involved in the post Sandy relief to respond to the public concerns and comment on their recovery efforts. For more information or to RSVP your participation in this meeting contact the Suffolk County Legislature at (631) 853-4070.

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