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Letter to the Editor: America Recycles Day Next Week

To the Editor:

America Recycles Day, November 15th, was developed to celebrate the progress that we’ve made towards increasing community recycling efforts as well as offering an opportunity to raise awareness about the value that recycling brings.

Reusing recyclables to make new products conserves energy, reduces air emissions and conserves our natural resources. You may be surprised to know that the most recycled material in North America is steel and according to the Steel Recycling Institute, “More steel is recycled annually than paper, plastic, aluminum, glass and copper combined.”  You may also be surprised that Covanta Huntington, LP and Covanta Babylon, two local Energy-from-Waste facilities located in East Northport and West Babylon, are major contributors to this recycling effort.

Every year, Covanta Huntington and Covanta Babylon recycle millions of pounds of metal items including steel cans, small appliances, tire rims and other types of scrap metal found in typical household waste.  In fact, in 2011 the two facilities collectively sent nearly 18.5 million pounds of recovered ferrous metal to our U.S. recycling partners for processing.

We’re proud to be part of the recycling community.  During the last calendar year, Covanta’s 41 Energy-from-Waste facilities recycled over 800,000,000 pounds of ferrous and 30,000,000 pounds of non-ferrous metals; that’s the equivalent weight of five Golden Gate Bridges and one billion aluminum beverage cans.

We’ve all got cause to celebrate, and each of us should use America Recycles Day to renew our commitment to recycle every day – for a cleaner world!


Jeff George

Business Manager

Covanta Huntington, LP

Covanta Babylon, Inc.

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