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Be Prepared for Hurricane Sandy

We hope everyone stays safe with Hurricane Sandy bearing down on us.  Have you stocked up on supplies?  The lines at gas stations and grocery stores have been out of control today so if you still need supplies, it’s better to go after dinner or early tomorrow morning.  If you have any news, pictures, or videos of the storm that you’d like  to share, please send them to, or like our Facebook Page to share with the community there. Sandy could be severe because it’s expected to combine with other weather activity in our area to create nor’easter conditions. Tropical storm force winds, heavy rain, and coastal flooding are likely. This type of weather can uproot trees, bringing down electric poles and wires, and cause flooding. There is significant potential for damage that could cause large numbers of power outages. Please be prepared for the possibility of multi-day outages due to potential severe weather conditions.

  • Have flashlights and extra batteries readily accessible.
  • Bring in or secure any remaining outdoor items that could be picked up by strong winds, such as patio furniture, trash cans, and Halloween decorations.
  • Fully charge mobile phones and laptop computers while you have power. Know the location of car chargers, since your car could become the only source of power.
  • If you lose power, please report it to LIPA anytime using any of the following methods: Online at, including the mobile-optimized version for your Web-enabled mobile device. By text message using 695472 (MyLIPA). Text “REG” now if you have not already completed the FREE registration for your account. By phone at 1-800-490-0075.
  • Have all emergency numbers handy. 
  • Everyone should store a flashlight, radio, matches, candles, blankets, first aid kit, canned food with a manual can opener, and several gallons of water.
  • Remember, every toilet has one last flush reserve in the tank.  Pour two gallons of water into the tank for each additional flush.Make arrangements now for elderly and others with special needs such as those who depend on electrical life support.


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