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Sign-A-Rama of Huntington Celebrates its 25th Year in Business and the Grand Opening of YESCO NY

Sign-A-Rama announces its 25th year in business, providing its customers with creative sign solutions, state-of-the-art technology, and superior customer service. It also announces its alliance and partnership with YESCO New York, an industry leader specializing in sign repair and maintenance for almost 100 years.

Huntington Sign-A-Rama is one of the most successful Sign-A-Rama outlets nationally and is proud to have been awarded the Sign-A-Rama President’s Award, as well as being a member of Sign-A-Rama Hall of Fame and are long standing Sign-A-Rama Mentors, helping to train new owners in the franchise system.

YESCO, a proven leader in the sign and lighting service industry, opens a New York location on 403 Oakwood Rd., Huntington Station, in partnership with Sign-A-Rama of Huntington.  YESCO, one of the largest sign and lighting repair companies in the United States, is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The New York location will be the newest franchise of the 92-year-old company.  YESCO services and repairs all types of signs and lighting including highway billboards, digital message centers, storefront lettering, parking lot lighting, building lighting, and much more.

YESCO of New York will provide sign and lighting repair, LED retrofitting, and maintenance contracts.  Heading up the operation are Mike Ziccardi and Dawn Tiritter-Bent, Sign-A-Rama owner’s celebrating their 25th year in Huntington. YESCO’s team of licensed technicians and expert consultants can help New York City and Long Island area companies to promote business, increase visibility and enhance their reputation.

Studies show that signage is responsible for bringing in as many as half of all new customers to a business.  The clean, attractive appearance of your company’s signage and lighting makes a difference to your bottom line.  The NY area YESCO experts can be reached at 1-877-YESCO-NY. For more information visit

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