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Two Blondes & A Stove is a Welcome Addition

Two Blondes & A Stove is open for breakfast and lunch 7 days per week.

Thinking of dining out of the house this weekend, consider a gourmet breakfast or lunch at Two Blondes & A Stove, one of the newest places to hit Huntington’s lively restaurant scene and located at 26 Clinton Ave., Huntington village,, 631-673-1300. Owner Dena Fenza is a Huntington resident whose three children, Catarina, Christopher, and Andrew,  attend Huntington’s St. Patrick’s School. She decided to name her new restaurant after a catering business she used to own with friend Jennifer Queen. “I picked the name because I thought it was catchy, and definitely not hard to forget,” states Owner Fenza.

Fenza comes from a long line of restauranteurs. “I had the catering business for a while and I managed restaurants for five years, including Mangiamo, which used to be on Huntington’s New Street, and Ragazzi in Nesconset,” says Fenza. Huntington village is known all over Long Island for a plethora of satisfying restaurant choices. “I think Huntington is a wonderful community,” adds Fenza. “I felt that despite the large amount of restaurants here, there was a need for a bistro type of restaurant that served breakfast and lunch.”

Walk into Two Blondes and you are transported to a cozy eatery in Europe while at the same time it feels like a friend’s house. Tastefully decorated in yellows and reds with wooden ladderback chairs, different sized tables, and dark wood floors, it has a familiar feeling that is comforting in a place you go to eat food.

“My friend’s mom, Joanne Deegan, helped me with the interior,” notes Fenza. “The colors, believe it or not, all came from a beautiful Tuscan-inspired plate that I had found at Pier One.”

A Tuscan-inspired interior in reds, yellows, and dark woods is welcoming and comforting.

The menu has an interesting and varied selection and you can have breakfast and lunch at any time between 8 and 4pm, Monday through Saturday, or 8 to 3pm on Sunday. Choices for breakfast are reasonable and range from $7.50 for healthy & simple items like the Greek Yogurt Parfait, topped with fresh seasonal fruit and granola and drizzled with honey, to omelets that average about $8.00 and Challah French toast encrusted with amaretto cookie crumbs, Marscapone cream, and roasted peach syrup, for $10.25. Lunch wraps are $9.25, and salads range from $9.50 for a Greek to $11.50 for the Thai Beef Salad. There are also many sandwiches and wraps to choose from, including Farrah’s Chicken Salad, The Madonna, and the Blonde Bombshell Burger, all from $9.25 to $14.95 (for a Blondie Tuna burger).There are also children’s choices for lunch, such as Rapunzel’s Chicken Fingers or Miss Piggy Quesadilla for $8.95, which includes a small juice, milk, or soda and potato chips.

Many of the selections are named after famous blonde celebrities, including the Sarah Jessica Parker Pancake, with roasted apple pie filling; Lady Diana Wrap, grilled chicken with slaw and Thai peanut sauce; the Gweneth Paltrow salad, an Italian Tuna salad with peppers, olives, scallions, and Romaine; and The Marilyn Sandwich, a lightly breaded chicken cutlet with bacon and mozzarella cheese on a toasted Brioche roll.

I enjoyed the Reese Omelet, a popular item according to our waiter that day, with bacon, tomato, zucchini, avocado, and cheddar cheese. It had just the right amount of bacon, not too much, and the zucchini and avocado were a nice change of pace. There were several other omelets to choose from, including the well-known Mediterranean Omelet with fresh spinach and cheese or the Zsa Zsa Omelet with chorizo sausage, onion, and Monterrey Jack cheese. My friend went for something sweet that day and wasn’t disappointed in the Sara Jessica Pancake, which she found very satisfying and had to take home for later. Portions were large.

Fenza’s favorite items on the menu also tend toward sweet. “I love our French Toasts,” she notes. “They are so yummy. My current favorite that is off the menu we are rolling out next week is our Jenny Frenchie, which is a challah bread French toast topped with pumpkin syrup and sweetened mascarpone. Also, our pancakes are amazing.”

What does Fenza hope the Two Blondes & A Stove experience will be like for its customers? “I want Two Blondes & A Stove to be a place where you can come and feel at home,” she states. “Whether it be for a quick ladies’ lunch, a breakfast with the kids, or a bite to eat when we eventually open for dinner, I want my customers to feel welcomed and satisfied every time they enter the doors here.”

Two Blondes & A Stove will open for dinner mid-November. “We just got our liquor License and we are hard at work planning dinner,” adds Fenza. The dinner menu will include Tapas and desserts, and an array of fondues.

In addition, Fenza offers Monday evening cooking classes, hands-on in the kitchen with her. “The themes change every class,” she explains. “They are sooo much fun.”

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2 comments to Two Blondes & A Stove is a Welcome Addition

  • Urban

    The only part left out of the article is the sidewalk dining. In the photo the chairs and tables are seen. Located at the traffic roundabout, people eat a few feet from cars and trucks. That sign sits near or at the location of a lightpost that was hit enough times to be removed. Good luck with your indoor dining and classes, but the sidewalk … a bad accident waiting to happen!

  • The food is excellent and creative. The wait staff is always very friendly and caters to every need. I go there at least once a week for breakfast and lunch, and I still haven’t tried everything on the menu. It’s all great food!

    I personally enjoy the outside dining, weather permitting. (The round about should never have been out in to begin with, but that’s another story.)

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