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Letter to the Editor: Current Fiscal Crisis in Town is Daunting

Councilman Mark Mayoka

Dear Editor:

The current fiscal crisis we face as a town is daunting.  Our number one priority is to recover all funds due us.  In August the New York State Supreme Court ruled that the State acted unconstitutionally in adopting the MTA payroll tax.  Currently under New York State law all claims for tax refunds are subject to a three year statute of limitations. The statute will expire on initial employer 2009 MTA payroll tax payments on November 2, 2012.

At the Huntington Town Board Meeting on October 7, I authorized the town comptroller to file a claim on behalf of the Town of Huntington to obtain a refund of the MTA payroll tax payments due to the town, and to authorize the town attorney to take all steps otherwise necessary to protect the town’s claim for recovery of any and all town MTA payroll tax payments.

I urge Local Businesses, School Districts, Local Fire Departments, First Aid Squads as well as non-profit organizations to file protective claims for MTA Payroll Tax Refunds immediately.

For directions on how to file either your business or self–employed individual claim with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance you have to follow the instructions at this site:

There are 3 options available that you can use to file your protective claim:

  1. If you have an Online Service account, login  and file through your services menu
  2. You can also complete an electronic form  ( In the electronic form: there is an option for both businesses and individuals)
  3. You can call an automated telephone application (518-485-2392)

I urge all Long Island employers to file a protective refund claim prior to the November 2, 2012 deadline. The deadline for self-employed individuals is April 30, 2013. In these difficult financial times we all need to protect our wallets.


Mark Mayoka, CPA


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3 comments to Letter to the Editor: Current Fiscal Crisis in Town is Daunting

  • Huntington tax payer

    Councilman Mark Mayoka thank you for looking out for our interests

  • Hunt Taxpayer

    Yes, but is this not squeezing blood from a stone? The Town is in much better shape than the MTA. Let the past go, and focus on the present/future.

  • nodemspin

    “The town is in much better shape than the MTA.”

    Maybe not. The town is finally being audited by the state and we are not guaranteed that politics won’t rear it’s ugly head in the process. But figures have been mentioned that put’s the town into debt of at least 8 million dollars. That figure may rise substantially. We shall see.

    It’s good to know we have at least two council members in Gene Cook and Mark Mayoka who care about the town and it’s finances and the way town business has been conducted in the past. At least there are some check and balances on the town board with these two individuals on it.

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