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TOH Councilman Eugene Cook FOILS Personnel for Information Requests

Gene Cook

Today, Tuesday ,October 16, 2012, Councilman Eugene Cook had to FOIL information from Lisa Baisley, Town Personnel Officer for Huntington, after requesting copies of the resumes received for the Town Comptroller’s position.  The first request of Lisa Baisley was on October 5, 2012 and yesterday Councilman Cook requested that Supervisor Frank Petrone assist him in this matter.  As a Town of Huntington Councilman, Eugene Cook stated, “Considering the hard economic times the Town of Huntington is in with a budget shortfall, I believe that as a Councilman it is my duty to the Taxpayer to assure them that the most qualified individuals are in the leadership roles in all our departments.”

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8 comments to TOH Councilman Eugene Cook FOILS Personnel for Information Requests

  • Huntington tax payer

    Thank you councilman Cook for looking out for the tax payers interests.Please keep up your good work

  • Stonewalled

    What in the world is wrong with this town that a councilman has to FOIL any information that he is entitled to as a duly elected official? I can’t wait to see the results of the state audit!

    • Gino

      You are assuming Mr. Cook is entitled to this information. This is normally the responsibiltiy of a civil service department, not some politician with an agenda.

  • John Condon

    Keep up the good work Gene.

  • Disgusted +

    So when did high school graduate gene cook become an expert in Human Resources? Most companies have policies about submitted resumes. Does he think he is going to start interviewing people? And what criteria would he use in making a selection. Same as what he told people helped him – oh never mind that. This guy will certainly be the cause of litigation against the Town. This is all just the grand standing………..

  • Gloria Rooney

    Why all the secrecy. In this electronic age many resumes are available on the internet. Consider Job and others.

    In addition, some search engines (GOOGLE) document every keystroke and form a profile of you without your permission. This practice certainly appears more invasive.

  • Gwen Lynch

    Don’t people network their resumes anymore?

  • There's a method....

    Keep up the good work, Councilman Cook! The more they try to obfuscate, the more there is to be revealed.

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