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Huntington Budget Task Force Announced by Councilmen Mayoka and Cook

Town of Huntington Councilmen Mark Mayoka and Eugene Cook announced the re-formation of a Budget Task Force.  There are two overriding themes with the formation of this committee: they are to be proactive to make our government more efficient and to strive to maintain our triple A rating. Considering the 2013 budget has an approximate $8 million dollar increase in spending along with proposed fees, this would be onerous in these hard economic times.

“This situation is a runaway train that needs to be stopped,” stated Councilman Mark Mayoka.  “Why the Budget Committee of the 90’s was abolished is beyond me.  Let’s take a play from the Supervisor’s own playbook to stop these tough financial times from adding more pressure to the taxpayers of Huntington.”

“We encourage each of the Town Board members to have qualified representatives on this task force whose main priority is to look out for the hardworking taxpayers and business owners in the Town of Huntington,” continued Councilman Eugene Cook.

The committee needs to focus immediately on the following recommendations:

  • Drastically reduce or eliminate the increased parking fees. The proposed fees would increase parking permits from $50.00 to $75.00, a 50% increase, as well as increase the cost of parking spaces in the garages from $50.00 to $600.00, a 1,200% increase  yearly.
  • Eliminate the personal use of town cars.
  • Reject the proposal to raise salaries for all Town Board members and, instead, reduce all Town Board members’ salaries by 10%.
  • Control spending of special reserve accounts and require a super majority vote for all proposed reserve spending.

Councilmen Mark Mayoka and Eugene Cook both agree, “We need to lead in this time of fiscal crisis, which is why we are willing to cut our salaries, in a time when many Huntington residents have not had the luxury of a raise in these tough times.”

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8 comments to Huntington Budget Task Force Announced by Councilmen Mayoka and Cook

  • Raise?

    What’s a raise.

  • Huntington tax payer

    I give a thumbs up to this!Thank you Mark and Gene

  • Taxed

    Its nice to finally see something beneficial to the taxpayers for a change instead of bamboo bans, ice skate swaps and adopting a fire hydrant! Keep up the good work guys and lead by example!

  • Mr. Reality

    Just one question . . . why wait until now to make an issue of this? Why weren’t these guys more involved back in the summer when this budget was being developed?

  • Anonymous

    seeing is believing

  • Disgusted +

    Mr. Reality has it correct. Mayoka has been on the Board almost three years. And this problem didnt start last night. Why didnt he show some leadership during the last 6 months. And the proposals last night- dont even come near the problem. He waits til the night before the meeting. Guess its because he is up next year -really what has he done?

    • Outvoted

      Cook and Mayoka can only do so much as they are outvoted on the board 3 to 2 unless we get Frankie, Susie, or Cuthberston out. Speak to Cook and Mayoka, they can tell you these things are not often discussed with them until after the other three have their plan. As a daily commuter, I won’t pay the 600 for parking in suffolk county when I can pay that in nassau with a reduced fare being closer to the city and with a much better commute than Huntington (BTW. MTA is going for 10% increase too). My fellow train riders all say the same. So…they need another proposal as they are going to have a empty garage with 1.5MM gap still not closed.

  • nodemspin

    Thank GOD Cook and Mayoka are on the town board. The democrats have fought with them every inch of the way from finding facts and data. Why should a sitting councilman have to file a FOIL for information he should be able to receive instantly as a representative of the people who voted for him.

    Frank Petrone and Mark Cuthbertson and Susan Berland have thwarted the attempts of Gene Cook and Mark Mayoka to govern openly and honestly. The democrats must have a lot to hide. Frank even wanted to be a Republican again knowing the winds of change are in the air.Thanks to a heads up Republican leadership now in charge they said absolutely not.

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