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Herrell’s Ice Cream $5 for $10 off your next visit at is proud to announce its latest deal, $5 for $10 off at Herrell’s Ice Cream in Huntington Village.  Unfortunately, Herrell’s won’t be at the Long Island Fall Festival this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go to the store at 6L Gerard Street, Huntington Village, and get some of its delicious ice cream or frozen yogurt this weekend before you go to the festival.  This deal just makes it that much easier.

Herrell’s Ice Cream is a colorful ice cream store that makes its own brand of over 200 flavors of high-quality, fresh, hand-made ice cream, including its “No Moo” ice cream, which is lactose free and vegan friendly, and also features non-fat frozen yogurt and sorbet and a famously decadent hot fudge sauce. Herrell’s has been nationally acclaimed as pioneers in “super-premium” ice cream. Newsweek Magazine said Herrell’s is “known for its uncompromising quality,” and is “a mecca for ice cream lovers.” USA Today named Herrell’s as one of the top three ice cream businesses in the country. And Herrell’s has won “Best of Long Island” and “Best of Boston” numerous times. For more information, check out the Herrell’s® Huntington’s Facebook page and become a new friend.

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