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Seven Additional Mosquito Samples Test Positive for West Nile Virus

 Suffolk County Health Services (SCDHS) Commissioner James L. Tomarken announced that seven additional mosquito samples have tested positive for West Nile virus. The mosquito samples, collected between August 21-22, were from locations in Holtsville, Northport, South Huntington, Aquebogue, West Babylon and Dix Hills.  To date this year, 199 mosquito samples and 37 birds have tested positive for the virus.

As previously reported two human cases of West Nile virus have been reported in Suffolk County this year. Both persons had been hospitalized and have recovered and been released from the hospital.

“Though the number of mosquitoes testing positive is historically high for this time of year, we cannot predict if the numbers will continue to be high,” said Dr. Tomarken. “There are many factors, such as weather, that affect mosquito population and activity. “Given that the numbers are high and we are finding samples in virtually all parts of the county, we ask that residents be especially vigilant about reducing their exposure to mosquitoes whenever they can.”

Dr. Tomarken asks residents to reduce the mosquito population around homes, by eliminating stagnant water where mosquitoes breed.  The county offers an informative bulletin entitled “Mosquitoes and Mosquito-borne Illnesses,” which contains tips on personal protection and repellents. To download the brochure, visit

After of August 31, 2012, the Department of Health Services is no longer collecting and testing dead birds for West Nile virus.  For medical questions related to West Nile virus, call 631-854-0333 during normal business hours.

To report mosquito problems or stagnant pools of water, call the Department of Public Works’ Vector Control Division at 631-852-4270. 

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2 comments to Seven Additional Mosquito Samples Test Positive for West Nile Virus

  • My Town Too

    Walked through underbrush (just the usual ivy and myrtle) in my parent’s yard the other day and came home with about 14 mosquito bites on my legs! I haven’t had one all summer until now!

    • 私は個人的には両方を所有することを好む。私の友人のいずれも偽のジャージを着て私を十字架になり過激なホッケーナッツませんので、それは本当にその部門の違いを確認していません。しかし、私の中で真のファンは、誰かが今まで私の忠誠を疑問視することを決定した場合には、私の武器では、少なくとも一つの本物のセーターを持っていることの思考に満足しなければなりません。 ナイキ社は、そう遠くない騎士とBowerman、一度会った場所から、オレゴン州ビーバートンに本社を置いています。しかし、ナイキの成長は、それが世界的に拡大し、十倍その場所の基盤を拡大することができました。最近の推計では、ナイキは、世界180カ国で働く29,000人以上の従業員を持っています。今の時点で、ナイキの施設は7大陸の6を覆う。その含むナイキに近い企業が、 “供給業者、荷主、小売業者、およびサービスプロバイダは、1に近い万人を採用しています。”あなたが見ることができるように(ナイキ会社概要、2007)、ナイキは過去数十年にわたって大幅に成長し、現在は多くの人や場所と接続しています。 フランス サッカー ユニフォーム

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