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Huntington Station Bicyclist Critically Injured in Hit and Run Crash

Suffolk County Police Second Squad detectives are investigating a crash that critically injured a bicyclist in Huntington Station early this morning.

Jose Colato was riding his bicycle north on New York Avenue, approximately 50 feet north of Pulaski Road, at 4:42 a.m. when he was struck by a vehicle also traveling north on New York Avenue. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene.

Colato, 47, of 63 4th Ave., Huntington Station, was transported via Huntington Rescue to Huntington Hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

The investigation is continuing. The vehicle is described as a light-colored SUV. Detectives are asking anyone who may have witnessed the crash to contact the Second Squad at 631-854-8252 or call anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS. All calls will remain confidential.

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4 comments to Huntington Station Bicyclist Critically Injured in Hit and Run Crash

  • Anon

    Curious why some of your articles relating to tragic accidents are closed to comments but others are open. What is your criteria?

  • Bound to happen

    It’s a shame that he was seriously hurt, but I always comment that driving around Huntington Station is like driving through an obstacle course. You have to be so careful of the bicycles and strollers that are all over our streets. They pull right out in front of you and cross the street where ever they want and never at the crosswalks. Then they look at you like you’re the problem. Can’t wait till Winter when this area thins out again.

  • My Town Too

    This happened at 4:42 in the morning. I wonder if the bike rider had any lights on his bike? Or was he wearing any reflective clothing so cars could see him in the dark? Was he riding on the right side of the road?

    I’m sorry too that he got hurt, but after two bike incidents in our family with these guys, I’m getting pretty jaded about the whole issue. One of our incidents was in the dark – the biker had no lights, saw me pulling out of a side street and he just kept rolling through! Thankfully I just bumped him by the time I saw him in front of me. No injuries.

    The other incident was in the morning, daylight. An already drunk bike rider was flying down NY Ave, hidden by a large cement wall. My son was making a right on red and after he was already out in the intersection, this drunk crashed into the side of his car, flying over the hood. Lucky again, no injuries, but he tried to force my son to buy him a new bike! And his employer was backing him up! Incredible.

  • Please be accountable

    Last night on NY Ave, I saw a man on a bicycle, wearing all black. He was riding his bike with 4 restaurant style chairs balancing on his milk crate on the back.

    Whats wrong with this picture?

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