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Projected Enrollment for Huntington Schools


More than 4,300 students are expected to attend the first day of classes in the Huntington School District when the new school year opens.

An enrollment projection report compiled by district officials was recently shared with trustees. Superintendent James W. Polansky said the district is keeping a close eye on class sizes at the primary grade level.

Huntington High School expects 1,325 students, including 324 seniors. The sophomore class is projected at 361 members, making it the largest of any in the building. There are currently 328 freshmen enrolled and 312 juniors. J. Taylor Finley Middle School’s enrollment presently stands at 651, with 320 seventh graders and 331 eighth graders.

Woodhull Intermediate School’s enrollment is projected at 658. Washington School is currently the largest of the four primary grade level buildings with 447 students followed by Jefferson (430 students), Southdown (416 students) and Flower Hill (415 students).

The latest enrollment report, which is based upon August 1 data, indicates that 4,342 students are registered to attend classes in the district. However, officials cautioned the figure remains fluid.

Source: Public Information Office

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4 comments to Projected Enrollment for Huntington Schools

  • Tax payer

    They fail to mention the percentage of students that are children of “non-residents” that the tax payers are educating for free. No wonder our taxes are out of control.

    • Responder

      All students registered for this year were required to provide 3 forms of residency for proof that they live within district #3. This is for all students, even those currently enrolled. Superintendent Polansky required it.

  • J.C.

    Were the residences cross checked with the Town of Huntington and found to be legal, as in apartments or other multi family dwelling? I highly doubt it.

    • My Town Too

      We go through this every year!

      School districts are not allowed to check whether apartments are legal or not, whether it’s a multi-family dwelling or not, whether there are too many families living in one house, etc.

      School districts are not allowed to question a child’s being in this country legally or not. If they prove that they live within the district borders, we MUST educate them.

      I’m sure you know this, so why ask?

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