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Councilman Mark Mayoka Submits FOIL Request

Town of Huntington’s Councilman Mark Mayoka filed two FOIL requests for financial information from Andrew Persich the FOIL Officer for Audit and Control after making repeated requests since the last town board meeting on July 24.

“In order to properly evaluate the cost savings and feasibility of eliminating the Superintendent of Highways as an elected position and creation of a Department of Public Works it is vital to review a cost benefit analysis of such a proposal.  This is an essential part of the decision making process and should have been readily available to the Residents for the public comment portion of the board meeting taking place today.”

“We are also in the midst of developing our annual budget and need to project into 2013 and beyond.  As part of this budget process it is imperative that I be provided with the projection provided to the ratings agencies showing that there is 4-5 million dollar deficit short-fall for 2013,” stated Mayoka.

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12 comments to Councilman Mark Mayoka Submits FOIL Request

  • Petroned

    The three obstructionists on the town board are Frank Petrone, Susan Berland and Mark Cuthbertson. The state is supposedly doing an honest audit of the town’s books. That should be interesting when released. It’s no surprise that these 3 opportunist politicians do not want the public and opposition to know the budget outlays comparing an elected superintendent of highways to an appointed one. Bill Naughton is an old fashion democrat which unfortunately are becoming extinct these days. He’s honest hard working and doesn’t cow tow to political pressure. He serves the public and not the town board. The way it should be. Democratic.

  • confused

    Why would a council person have to submit a FOIL request at all?

    • Disgusted +

      Interesting he is doing this in the last year of his term. What has he been doing the last three years? Can anyone name one significant accomplishment? Youll see his mug more than Susan’s over the next 14 months.

      • My Town Too

        Both Mayoka and Cook have been up against a wall of 3! How can either one of them “get anything done” when they are continuously blocked in their efforts?

        Both Mayoka and Cook have had to resort to FOIL’ing for information that should be readily and freely available to an elected town councilperson – that’s a disgrace that P,C and B have managed to thwart their ability to get the financials before meetings.

        Just realized what I wrote!
        PCB’s – toxic for Huntington!

        • Disgusted +

          Not really

          Mayoka has been there three years. What has he done except tag onto that Young Vet and use him for his own Photo ops. How disgusting is this guy. He has two people already that will primary him next year. He may not even be on the ballot.

          Cook said all last summer- when I get elected in the first 30 days I will pass Term Limits. It was the only thing he ever said. Where has that gone- little Andy Raia told him to back off. So old Crook did what he was told. He is as dumb and sleazy as it gets…….

          • My Town Too

            Gee, do you think the 3 pack on the board want term limits? I’d say they haven’t allowed it on the agenda!

            If Raia told him to back off, show us the proof – I’m not going to assume it is so just because you say it.

            Petrone, Cuthbertson and Berland should all be voted out. I don’t care if we get one or two Dems to replace them as long as the people are going to provide this town with good uncorrupted gov’t.

  • Don't Tread on Me!

    Vote in the TEA PARTY!

  • Fed Up

    That whole town Board should be replaced by people who want good goveronment. All sides are to blame playing petty politics when there is a
    town to run! No board member should have to file a foil request! Most of the working stiffs
    who travel into the city ever day by train don’t even realize there is a town goveronment all they want is there roads paved and garbage picked up. Norton has done a fine job he is a good democrate the rest are self serving arrogant egotists.

  • Conerned HS resident

    How about folks that can spell?

  • stunned

    I can’t believe elected officials need to FOIL anything from their own departments.

  • Petroned

    Looks as if Petrone has thrown in the towel over Bill Naughton. Petrone has taken the proposed law/referendum off the table to appoint the Highway Superintendent. With so many people of all political entities declaring Petrone Cuthbertson and Berland would be toast if they went ahead with the change Petrone did more than blink. Voters want to vote and not let Petrone decide. Thats democracy. Lifson’s lame excuse that cross endorsements negates that let’s see if that holds true for judges and the DA.

    Appointing is not democratic.

  • My Town Too

    Even with the resolution off the table, Petrone et al are still toast!

    As to cross endorsements…any and all political parties should start getting in the habit of nominating their own person to run for whatever office is up for grabs. Give people a choice for once!

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