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Exhibit “See The Light: Huntington Lighthouse 1912-2012”

From left to right: Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia; Pamela Setchell, President of The Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society; and Kevin De Friest, Funeral Director at A.L. Jacobsen Funeral Home

Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibit which consists of Lighthouse artifacts and memorabilia to celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of The Huntington Lighthouse.

The display will include correspondence between the Lighthouse Establishment and Lighthouse Keeper Robert McGlone, a model of the Lighthouse, a piece of the underwater cable that carried power to the lighthouse and a key that is similar to one that would have been used for the front door of the lighthouse. It will also feature copies of the keeper’s daily log, pieces of original molding, tools that were most likely supplied to all the lighthouses, a ‘modern’ Fresnel lens, and photos of the Lighthouse dating from 1912 to the present.  “All the artifacts featured represents a piece of Huntington’s history,” stated Raia.

Also part of the exhibit is an original painting of the Huntington Lighthouse, created by Joshua Pileski, a Long Island native who currently resides in Virginia.  Pileski is known for incorporating maps into his art. “I did the piece on heavy acid free printmaking paper with black India ink.  The embellished lighthouse is gauche, ink and watercolor.  I will be selling unembellished prints of the map in that drawing in my shop at and a portion of each sale of that print made prior to January 1, 2013 will be donated back to the lighthouse,” said Pileski.  According to Pileski, “I love maps, and they find a lot of influences in my art, which is inspired by my desire to remind people of where they came from and what that means, whether they live far away or they never left.”

The painting which measures 28 H x 36 W, framed, was purchased by Pileski’s uncle, Kevin De Friest, a resident of Huntington, and Director of A.L. Jacobsen Funeral Home, Inc.  The painting was donated to The Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society by A.L. Jacobsen Funeral Home, Inc. with the goal of auctioning it and donating the proceeds to the Lighthouse preservation efforts.

“This is one of the many exhibits presented by the Huntington Town Clerk’s Archives,” said Raia.  The artifacts are on loan to the Archives from the Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society.  It is free and open to the public Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.  It is on display in Huntington Town Hall Lobby, across from the Town Clerk’s Department, on the second floor outside the Supervisor’s Department and on the third floor, opposite the Town Council Offices.

For more information on events pertaining to the Huntington Harbor Lighthouse and for information regarding the auction of the painting please go to, or call 631-421-1985.


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