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Clem DeRosa Continues to Inspire

The Clem DeRosa All-Stars played their hearts out in tribute to Clem DeRosa, who passed away in December of 2011. DeRosa touched many lives as an internationally respected musician, educator, professional conductor/bandleader, composer, arranger, drummer, and author. He was also a regular for the Huntington Summer Arts Festival.

It was an honor to be the event photographer for the show/family, and I found that even in death Mr. DeRosa continues to inspire people with music. His son Rich was the conductor for most of the evening, and did a great job telling stories from his father’s life between songs. He turned the conducting over to Mike Richardson for a song while he got behind the drum kit and Clem’s daughter Dianne played along on saxophone.

The band did a great job, and even Pat DeRosa, Clem’s 90-year-old brother got in the act, playing clarinet. There were so many musicians there, some of them had to take turns playing. Even when they weren’t playing, they were dancing and bopping around backstage, clearly loving every minute of the show. These men clearly love playing music, and all were inspired by Clem DeRosa.

The video is a medley of several songs I had time to record and runs for 9 minutes, 29 seconds.

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1 comment to Clem DeRosa Continues to Inspire

  • molly

    Great music and an awesome human being. Wish I could have made the tribute to Clem. Please keep on reporting on the good people and good times in Huntington. Thanks so much for the music!!

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