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Big Band Leader Clem DeRosa Tribute


This Friday, July 27, the Summer Arts Festival presented by Huntington Arts Council will be honoring big band leader Clem DeRosa in Heckscher Park at the Chapin stage. The show will start around 8:30 p.m. and go until around 10:30 p.m.   Many of the past musicians, who had performed at Heckscher with DeRosa over the 20 plus years he did weekly Summer concerts (during 60’s-80’s), will be performing.

Click here for more information about Clem DeRosa:

The world of jazz education owes much to DeRosa, as do all followers of big band music. An internationally respected musician, educator, professional conductor/bandleader, composer, arranger, drummer, and author, DeRosa’s career dates back to the 1950s. His greatest legacy was as one of the pioneers of jazz education. He was perhaps the first public school educator to instill a solid jazz curriculum and teaching method. His approach became nationally recognized because it produced young high school jazz bands that sounded astonishingly professional.

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2 comments to Big Band Leader Clem DeRosa Tribute

  • sjb

    He was a nice man. A neighbor of my mother-in-law in Huntington Station, he was the band at my wedding in 1979.

  • James Asmussen

    I played trombone in high school and summers during my college years in jazz bands under Clem’s direction. They were the most memorable, happiest and most musical times of my life. A great educator, supportive friend and musical guidepost. He is missed.

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