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Happy 100 to Huntington’s Finnegan’s Pub and Restaurant this Saturday, July 28

Settle in for a pint or two at Finnegan's 100th

Almost 2 years ago to the date of Finnegan’s 100th Anniversary, Village Tattler published “Finnegan’s, the Cheers of Huntington.” See article below.

Finnegan’s will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in business on Saturday, July 28, 2012, with celebrations beginning at 6 p.m. and ending at 10 p.m. Wall Street will be closed down (from Gerard to Main), with performances from an Irish band, bagpipers, dancers and the U.S. Marine Corps Guard. Food specials include $5 Guinness sausages, $2 ice cream, $5 burgers and hot dogs two-for-$5, as well as Jameson whiskey and Guinness beer served in commemorative cups for $5 (which you can keep). There is no cover charge.

Finnegan’s, the Cheers of Huntington,

By Gladius Potter

Considering the ample number of bars that exist in the town of Huntington, it is peculiar that most weekend nights I find myself at just one in particular. Finnegans, centrally located on Wall Street, is the typical saturday evening destination for not only myself, but for many other twenty-somethings as well. To articulate the devotion to the routine is difficult, but the root may be found in the bar’s history. Finnegans is a third generation bar that opened in 1912. My grandfather thought there was nothing better than Finnegans on a cold winter night after work. My dad is hit with nostalgia when he enters the bar due to the time he spent there as a teen. And when I finally turned twenty one, Finnegans was the first bar I went to. I, and many of my fellow Huntingtonians, have grown up constantly hearing about Finnegans from family and friends. Our duty now, as young and able-bodied drinkers, is to frequent the bar and keep the tradition alive. Since I spend the majority of the year at college in a different state, there is no better assurance of home than walking into Finnegans and being greeted by Billy Joel’s “Piano man” playing and my seven best friends from highschool attempting to swing dance to it. I know I am not the only one who feels this way, as every weekend the bar is packed to the brim. By acquaintance and stereotype, I know everyone. You have the token Cold Spring Harbor and Huntington guys: bold, assertive, and most likely immoderately drunk. In my observations, there are three ways in which these guys will spend their time at the bar. Some lounge against the bar, either intent on landing a female companion for the night, or intent on repeatedly taking shots to the point of no return. There are the guys who are more concerned with performing for the bar than the girls. You will see these men-boys dancing like fools in the front, usually in circle formation, doing the Moonwalk, fist pump, or other outrageous dance moves. They assume themselves to be the funny guys, the bar entertainers, and I cannot say they are wrong. Then there are the guys who fully utilize the outside terrace. They are either drunk and smoking, unconcerned with the rest of the bar, or taking a break from the chaos inside.

The girls at the bar are less easy to classify. For the most part, you have your female complements to the entertainers. These girls will vigorously dance in the front of the bar while trying to keep their feet from sticking to the floor because of the amount of spilled alcohol. The “anti-socials,” as I like to refer to them, are those girls who sip their beer nervously with their Blackberrys out and fingers frantically in motion. There are the girls who spend the majority of the night waiting on line for the bathroom (only to re-apply makeup and brush their hair), the girls who sit with the smokers outside on the terrace attempting to hit on them with no reciprocation what-so-ever, and the observer girls who sit, casually looking around the bar, while indulging in carefree conversation.

At Finnegans, the vast majority of the crowd (at least on saturdays) have grown up together, so getting to know each other is not the main objective. The idea of Finnegans is about a comfortable atmosphere that allows you to be with the people you know and love and your inhibitions to be a little loose. When there is always a pal to dance with, to make a fool out of yourself with, to talk, smoke, or drink with, your worries seem at a far distance and we can all take a shot to that.

Finnegans also has a complete and tasty bar menu. It’s located at 5 Wall St, Huntington, NY 11743. Phone # (631) 423-423-9696.


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