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Legislator Spencer Aids Hearing Impaired

Suffolk County Legislator William Spencer will officially recognize local audiologists Bari Engelsberg-Vecchio and Seth Ofgang, of the Huntington Hearing and Speech Center for their commitment to the community.  He will thank them for their generous donation of 5 Assisted Listening Devices to Huntington Hospital and their participation in a free hearing clinic that is scheduled on July 30th.

“Huntington Hearing and Speech Center has generously donated these devices to make it easier for patients and staff to work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients in crisis,” said Legislator Spencer.  “It is important that we acknowledge and thank individuals and companies that give back to our community and make it a healthier place to live.”


The donation will be made at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow during the biweekly meeting of the Nursing Leadership Conference at Huntington Hospital.  Susan Knoepffler, the Nursing Supervisor, will be receiving the devices on behalf of the hospital.  A brief in-service workshop will be given by representatives from the Huntington Hearing and Speech Center on how to work the devices.  With these devices, nurses and doctors at the hospital will be more effectively able to communicate and treat patients.  Elderly patients with hearing deficiencies are especially vulnerable to misdiagnoses if the hearing loss is not detected or acknowledged.  Without the proper information, elderly patients may be diagnosed with dementia or other psychological ailments due to their difficulty communicating.
Last month, as part of his Healthy Communities Initiative, Spencer sponsored legislation that passed unanimously declaring the month of May “Speech and Hearing Awareness Month”.  Also, in an effort to draw attention to the importance of proper diagnosis of speech and hearing deficiencies, Doctor Spencer and the Huntington Hearing and Speech Center have scheduled free hearing screenings to be held at the Dolan Family Health Center on July 30th from 1:00 -4:00 p.m.  Anyone interested in scheduling an appointment should call (631)271-6263.

“As a Pediatric Otolaryngologist, I impress upon my patients every day the importance of preventative care,” stated Doctor Spencer.  “People should realize that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and if addressed quickly and appropriately, people with hearing deficiencies can live healthy, successful and productive lives.  If someone you love is showing signs of hearing problems, encourage them to make an appointment for a free screening on July 30th.  It doesn’t hurt and can only help.”


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2 comments to Legislator Spencer Aids Hearing Impaired

  • Urban

    I have used hearing aids for over 50 years and worked with Huntington Hearing for decades. Bari, Seth, Jan, and Lori are all great people. They are professional and caring. I have and will continue to highly recommend them to family and friends.

  • score card

    So in the time Mr Spencer has been in office he has banned smoking in public parks and recognized the Hearing and Speech Center in Huntington (someone he works with as an ENT)

    gosh. He is worth ever penny we pay him.

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