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Where to go for 4th of July Fireworks

With the 4th of July coming, you may be wondering where is a good place to go to see some fireworks.  The beaches on the North Shore of Huntington Township are always great places to see some awesome fireworks displays.  But one place in particular really shines.  The cliff tops overlooking Steer’s Pit in Northport, very close to the LIPA (Lilco) stacks, provide a great location to see multiple fireworks shows happening concurrently.  If the weather is clear, you can see shows as far away as Connecticut as well as many local shows in Northern Huntington. If you choose to go there, remember to get there early and bring some bug repellent, as well as some refreshments and portable chairs.

Here is a photo of the location from June 28th, 2012, during the sunset.  It is a magnificent place to visit and one of the gems of the northeast United States.   After stopping here, you can travel to Crab Meadow, Asharoken, or Sand City (Hobart’s) beaches.



Here are some photos from 2011 on the 4th of July at the location:



We hope everyone has a festive and safe time celebrating Independence Day 2012!

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3 comments to Where to go for 4th of July Fireworks

  • Shobha

    Can you please email best places to watch fireworks near Hicksville, Farmingdale, Commack, NY?


  • Trusty

    When is the fireworks display at the Crescent Club?

  • Sorry, I’m not sure when the fireworks are going to start at the Crescent Club nor where good places are in Hicksville, Farmingdale, or Commack.

    I’ll be heading to the top of Steers Pit around 7 PM with my wife and kids and all of our stuff to watch the sunset and make sure to get a spot for the fireworks (it gets very busy and parking is scarce).

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