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Avalon Bay Construction Starting?

On East 5th Street, Huntington Station

A large swarth of roadside land on East 5th Street in Huntington Station–site of the highly controversial Avalon Bay Community–is in the early stages of being cleared. Bulldozers and other heavy equipment is on the site.  Several mature trees have already been knocked down.

Town of Huntington (TOH) spokesperson A.J. Carter, says that the original site development plan filed with the Town Planning Board allows the contractor to clear the land in preparation for construction.

Some of the work, he says, includes a soil management plan that removes pesticides that were “dumped on the property” during the time that it might have been used as farmland.  The remediation involves the removal of “from one to four feet of top soil.”  The permits allow the elimination of as much as 165,000 cubic yards of dirt for future burial beneath a pond that is slated to be constructed on the site.

Even though the Town has not approved Avalon Bay’s site plan, the developer’s agreement with the Planning Board allows them to clear the property at their own risk. If the site plan is ultimately disapproved, the developer will have incurred the costs without recompense.

Carter provided Village Tattler with an electronic copy of the Town’s Resolution authorizing the land clearing but it was received as a corrupted file.  We will upload it and attach it to this story as soon as a cleaner copy is received.


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