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Huntington School Budget and Elected Trustees


Huntington School Budget and Capital Reserve Proposition Passes
Emily Rogan, Tom DiGiacomo and Xavier Palacios are elected Board of Education Trustees

Total Votes: Rogan, 2,029; DiGiacamo, 1, 749; Palacios, 1,602; Dwyer, 1,267; and Tully, 1,060

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65 comments to Huntington School Budget and Elected Trustees

  • Great news

    School budget Passed and the three best candidates won. Congratulations to Emily, Xavier and Tom. Huntington is on the right road.

  • Take notice

    Nobody who voted to close Abrams has won an election since.

    • Anonymous

      Do you honestly think that those of us with children under grade 6 will not flood that room screaming and yelling if they were told their kids are going to be sent there?

  • differential

    Bid differential in votes-the people have spoken.

  • What Are you Implying?

    Are you trying to say that voters in SD #3 are in favor of opening Abrams? If so, your logic is flawed. Dwyer lost because he previously ran a board that took it upon themselves to make decisions behind closed doors. Everybody else who has run for office since Abrams closed has been in favor of opening the school, so what options has the voting public had? Don’t mistake quiet for harmony. The only reason there isn’t any conflict over Abrams now is because there is no money to open it for the 2012-13 school year. As soon opening the school becomes a possibility, watch tempers flare.

    I am really sorry to see Palacios get in. He was the one who said that “there is no crime in HS.” I think he is going to further divide the community. Having only five candidates for three open positions didn’t help.

  • Lacking knowledge

    CONFUSION is all I can imagine for people who write comments like that above. Did you ever speak to Mr. Palacios? He is one of the most kind, decent, hard working people I know. Nobody who knows hi could say divisive. The public supported him because of WHO he is.

    • Liar

      Confusion is the right word. This guy stood at the podium and announced that there is no more crime or gangs in Huntington Station,(a bold face lie), and the eternally stupid, voted his lying ass in anyway. Good luck.

      • Public support

        Yes. If proves how many sheep are really in this district which explains why in decades things have gone from bad to worse.

  • Doesn't matter

    That school won’t open. Can’t wait to see how an immigration lawyer tackles the education law topics that will come up.

  • Glad for HUFSD

    Last night was a real win for the kids. We have new BOE leaders who will fight hard for the needs of every child. We also have the return of a leader who has always worked hard. We are so lucky that even in the rain, horrible weather etc. people came out to overwhelmingly elect the right BOE members.

  • Mark my words

    If they elect to find money to reopen JAI and one of my children is sent to that school, if a shooting occurs, and my child is harmed in any way, I will hold the school district and each member of the school board personally liable. You better make damn sure you work with others who are already trying to improve the conditions in the area surrounding JAI or you will not have any money in your budget for years to come when the lawsuits start to fly for child endangerment or possible injury or death. I would not want to be you if this comes to pass.

  • william


  • Anonymous

    Sorry to see Xavier win too. Although, now, he will be accountable for every ignorant, arrogant word that comes out of him mouth! Can’t wait!

    • anon

      You got that right.

      Mr Spector was a VERY effective, outspoken, member of the community until he got on the Board of Education. Remember all the signs he would carry around with “can you hear me know”? Nothing like an elected position to shut em down. Everything Xavier does is now up for scrutiny and I guarantee he gets a huge wake-up call when he sees what the job description really entails.

  • all American town

    Just as I predicted Xavier won and so did my other two picks and I think there may be one left that voted to close to school that we will be rid of next time! As for Huntington Station I think the last shooting I heard about was a gang member shooting himself to death. When was that oh so long ago I can’t remember. This site is full of perpetual pot stirers keep it up we are winning, your posts just motivate us. Always happy to read this blog and get my friends involed in issues they would otherwise not be involved. Example last month post about Xavier being HIspanic and comments about ESL did wonders as I posted last month I got 50 people to vote for him many of you expressed your usual stupidity and didn’t believe it. All I can say is thank you and keep blogging.

    • Just the FACTS

      The last shooting that MADE THE NEWS was Thanksgiving weekend. It was a triple attempted murder. Gang related. One of the shooters was arrested at Whitmen, was an enrolled student, and had a gun on him, during school hours. That was swept under the rug. 15 total have been arrested thus far surrounding that one incident are are currently awaiting trial.

      Shot-Spotter has recorded 517 shots in 3 short months.

    • Anonymous

      Wasn’t there shootings in more than one bodega in the Station recently? Not looking for argument, I seriously think there were. How are the police saying there are no shootings? Something is wrong here.

  • Anonymous

    Ok” all American town”(Moss). Whatever. What color is the sky in you world??
    XP won because of union backing. Can wait to see what happens next!

  • all American town

    @ just the facts- here they are according to Inspector Brandy at the Second Precinct this morning
    there have been no shootings in Huntington Station this year.
    And as for Shot-spotter From 1/2/12 to 4/1/12 there havew been 37 activations 17 false. He also said that 517 number is incorrect. Stop trying to scare people things ae looking up and we in the know will spead the word!

    • really???

      even if your # of 37-17=20 shots in 3 months is still too much.

      517 is overwhelming. It is what was reported on News 12. Are you saying News 12 got it wrong? By well over 500? Doubt it.

      Even if the 517 was divided by the 3 areas shot spotter is located in Suffolk County that is still an average of 172 shots in each area.

      What causes a false activation anyways? They didn’t find the guy?

    • Anonymous

      Something wrong with police #s. There is a story from February posting on the Patch now. 26 year old shot in head and killed at Los Campos Deli. I think there was another one at the same place. Are you really saying that the police are denying fatal shootings this year?

  • Anonymous

    Ok. Like the police have never swept anything under the rug. Those are “reported.” I say HORSESHIT!!! Why don’t you speak to the people that live in the area. They can tell you the real deal!

  • Anonymous

    We still need to get the guy that guywho sends mailings using lacrosse nonprofits- off the board.its a serious offense to use a 501c3 for those purposes and offenders should be subject to the law.

  • Anonymous

    I received a call from a lacrosse team telling me to vote for that guy who said, “who needs that headache”…

  • all American town

    @ Anonymous so angry- yes yes everything is a conspiracy.
    Oh and thanks to Brad Rosen for opening the arcade
    yes I’ve taken my kids to it and I will continue to spend my money can’t wait to play mini golf. In my past life I worked in the community knocked on doors around the JAI and have spoke to many people as well as sitting on boards of Non-profits in Huntington Station that worked on gang related issues yes there are problems but unlike you when things turn around I acknowledge it and the good people who have worked hard to make it happen.

  • The XP factor

    If Tully had not run, Bill would have won. Simple as that. The Unions should be encouraging people to vote on the budget, not what candidates to vote for. Period.

    Read the police blogs. You might find some interesting stats there for sure.

    Based on who was at the 2nd precinct meeting this morning it is fair to say Moss just outed himself. So much for “I post under my real name”

  • Why

    All American Town you seem to have a good grasp on the facts you are the only person on this site that has stated your source of information And I also think I know who you are. I guess I am wondering why you are spending your time with these idiots on this blog?
    thank you

  • Anonymous

    Yea Anonymous. So angry about the Lacrosse team. What gives???
    When things turn around, I will acknowledge it. Have a great day :))

  • Anonymous

    How much does jl pay in taxes? Is it like pathetic amount? Should her property tax be reappraised..

  • Anon

    The shot spotter information can easily be FOIL’d. As well as all the other information. It is false to say in the last year there has been no crime. This was the most active crime winter we have seen in a very long time. The shooting on Thanksgiving weekend prove it.

  • Why

    I haven’t read anyone saying there hasn’t been any crime in the last year, this year is what I read that’s January 2012. No need, who would you foil?Just go to the source the second percinct.
    @ Really you probably also believe everything you read in the New York Post. News for idiots!

  • All American Town

    @The XP factor who is Moss?

  • Anonymous

    Moss is this reaaly slickster cat from the og . His crib be in da station holmes ski OG. Ya no wat I’m syin, aint nothing but a gangta party.wat be ur name? Maybe we can play

  • All American Town

    Being a bit older I didn’t get half of what you said I guess this Moss Guy is from the station. And who is JL and what about taxes your pretty funny. regards!

  • jl

    A lot of free time. You people need jobs.

  • anon

    U can apparently write anything U want in the name field so just because someone says they are someone, does not make it true.

  • Anonymous

    i be thinkin ya wat ya sayin and ya’ll be whilin but we be chillaxin on dis hea threa ya no wat be goin down on de lq schemin lik a villan and sit.

  • Anonymous

    i use my nonprofit in an unethical way too. should i worry that i can get in trouble like that espada guy?


  • good luck

    Good luck to all the new Boe members and the returning member. The hard work starts now. You are ready and will do great!

  • Jeff Moss

    To all my “fans”. A few more FACTS for you to digest:
    1. I am not “all American town”, or any other psedonym for that matter. As always, if I choose to play in the mud with the assorted racists, classists and “angry birds” found here, I post using my ACTUAL NAME, never hiding behind a fake or anonymous name. You all should try it sometime-it’s called accountability.
    2. True, I was unable to attend the community meeting at the 2nd Precinct this morning. BECAUSE I HAVE A JOB! Another thing you should try out… As far as “outing” myself >>> what exactly is your point?
    3. Yes, I do live in Huntington Station. Proudly. If the assorted tools who populate this website, tried refocusing their energy on something positive, instead of hate-mongering, imagine what could be accomplished.
    4. And so it goes… until the powers that be (publisher) decide to change the environment here and discontinue the practice of anonymous postings, this will continue to be the cesspool of Huntington and a poor excuse for journalism. My cat knows more about journalistic ethics than the VT.
    5. Congrats to X,E,T-make us proud

  • Anonymous

    LOL!! That’s funny Jeff. Thanks!

  • Important point

    That’s an important point about the anonymous unkindness. I really wonder if it will continue to be legal to do this kind of thing much longer. Thanks Jeff for Point #1. As for #2, a lot of people have too much time on their hands and use it to complain rather than help fix those things that they complain about. As to point #3, hate-mongering gets us nowhere. AS to point #4, lets see what happens. All the anti-bullying legislation should eventually impact anonymous posting sites.

  • Anonymous

    c’mon!) Ya’ll remind me of Fantasia brother, y’all be whilin OG dogg is on the real hate it or love it the underdogg brotha on top who u is yo undadog now?

  • Stop the Hating

    The Tat won’t have any anyone visiting their site w/o the ability to post anonymously. This is the best thing any Conte has proposed since chicken wings at Burger Haven.

  • The Voting Record on Dwyer

    At Dwyer’s height of popularity he got 1,359 votes (2008). When he lost (2011) he got 1,327 votes. Last night he got 1,267. Palacios got 1,602 votes. There is no way under any circumstance that Dwyer was beating him.

  • Anonymous

    Was up homis an homiets, we gonna get up on this threa today rite?

  • All American Town

    @Jeff Moss thank you for your post I agree with all you posted. We live in a progressive town which is not reflected by the bloggers on this site. I will sign off now. Best to you.

  • In Denial

    I don’t think individuals should be attacked here, but I do think it’s ok for people to express their opinion (respectfully) about the candidates–and that includes negative opinions. They have decided to become public figures, and it comes with the territory. As for HS, there is plenty of crime there-from illegal apartments to illegal aliens to illegal drugs to illegal gangs-and everyone knows it. Those who say there isn’t any crime are either in denial, have wishful thinking, or have another agenda. The other agenda is to keep crime hush hush so the value of their homes in HS doesn’t go down. As for Palacios, his clients are immigrants, many of whom live in HS (hence the “satellite” office). It reflects better on his clients if there isn’t any crime in the neighborhood in which they reside. Otherwise, people might blame them for causing it. And that wouldn’t be good for business. It is in Palacios’ best interest to protect his clients.

  • Free Lunchers with cash and cell phones

    Here’s a problem that many people talk about in whispers because it’s not PC. Kids coome home and report that there are kids in their class who receive free lunch and are coming to school with cell phones, ipods, and/or money for the vending machines. They are also coming to school with multiple snacks. My taxes (and yours) pay for their free lunch…and their free breakfast…and their free trips…and their free instruments. Their parents are driving late model or brand new SUVs. No wonder there’s anger and resentment in this school district.

    • Anonymous

      So agree with the two posters above. We are personally getting killed with property taxes. Our kids are losing programs. Our kids are expected to attend school in a gangland that none will admit exists and told to try and ignore the ones that are walking through the school halls. One by one, our schools are being added to the needs improvement lists. Our homes are being devalued. And yet people are called racist if they say enough already. Most give generously to class trips knowing some kids cant afford it. Most send in extra supplies and give a little more to PTA functions knowing many can not. And while some of the comments on here have been totally out of line, those same people are called privileged and resented. Its time for everybody to get off their high horses, including the ones
      that seem to think they are not part of the problem.

      • anon

        They will call you a racist too **shut you down**. If that does not work they will make stuff up like you see all over this thread. The people who do THE MOST get demonized THE MOST.

        Making up lies about the status of someone’s marriage or that there is some marriage infidelity is uncalled for. We have bigger problems as a community, people’s personal lives and FAMILIES with children should not become part of that fight.

  • Anonymous

    My homy is real cool cat ya feel me he and me go way back from da ol school and c block . I be rollin wit dat and he be all up in lj whil ceesspool guy is astray.

  • Poverty on Long Island

    During this morning report on Poverty on Long Island at the Suffolk County Legislature Trudi Renwick from the US Bureau of Census Named Huntington Station as an area of high poverty on Long Island…I guess this sheds light on some of the problems in that area.

  • Anonymous

    Homeslice ya ll be whilin on the stasion. I be residing 20 deep in my crib and we aint got no gangers.ya no wat I’m syin this is crazy yo. Peace

  • Anonymous

    There are many issues with huntington station being a mecca for bad publicity due to rash decisons made bu outed boe members,specifically dwyer and the other idiots.

  • Give it up

    @anonymous do you think your funny you are the reason they should have blogggers sign thier name, you would be embarassed to do so.
    I will switch to the HUntonian.

  • Anonymous

    Angry bird, try to relax yourself or don’t come on this site. You get what u get and don’t get upset or step step step after all u r here on ur own free will . If it becomes contentious for you then fly away angry bird!!!!

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