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Voice Your Opinions and Concerns: Be at Huntington Town Hall Meeting on May 22

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21 comments to Voice Your Opinions and Concerns: Be at Huntington Town Hall Meeting on May 22

  • Local Govts Need New Agenda

    In other states across the country this high density agenda is really now showing on the bottom line as states and towns face bankruptcy. The consequences of such excessive building of tax negative high density housing is now obvious to many…once pushed under the disguise of affordable housing…now proven false as are very ample supply of affordable single family homes are available, has little to stand on.

    Below is a nice article that shows the agenda of high density housing

    • Gino

      The drawing is creepy and the referenced article has no meaning to Huntington where we need affordable housing for the younger workforce and older residents who want to remain here. Fortunately we have a town board and supervisor with a vision.

      • Silly

        Gino, visit any local realtor, they is a very large quantity of affordable housing in Huntington, more so than nearby Nassau County, more so than in years. I know many younger people have moved out of Huntington recently as they prefer housing closer to the city who couldn’t afford near city housing rents but now can as they love being close to the city, something young people want. I was one of them once and did the same thing. I don’t see any 55+ low tax housing developments being pushed by the town, and I am all for them.

  • Ginos Mommy

    Gino I told you to stay away from my vino!

    Go take a shower, FIND A JOB and stop sucking off the government teats my son.

    • Gino

      @Ginos Mommy: You, and those like you, are the reason the Tattler site, and especially the comments section, have become irrelevant. Personal attacks that are angry, anti-immigrant, anti-poor, anti-Town Hall, anti-Democratic party, and racist by closed-minded, undereducated posters like you are now, sadly, typical.

      • Ginos Mommy

        What does any of that have to do with your drinking problem Gino darling. Don’t talk back to Mommy.

        In order for it to be personal, you need to be posting as a real person sweetie.

        Now be a good boy and go shower, and look for a job. Mommy is tired of you living in the basement and using my internet wi-fi to spread your delusions.

  • wow

    I guess anyone who is not a Democrat is now all the things Gino listed?

    I didn’t see any of that in Gino’s Mommy’s post.

    Paranoid much?

  • irrelevant?

    If it is irrelevant why are you posting here Gino?

  • all American town

    To the First post…that article is a bit extreme & perhaps you are too after all a few years ago Huntington was named as an All American City. The recognition was based on Quality of life issues and we rated high in many areas including housing.
    Much of this is thanks to the town board. Huntington is extremely bussiness friendly that’s why we are a thriving town and have been for many years. I do not believe that one party should control the town but let’s face it the Republician party has been taken over by extremists who believe in devisive politics. Last weeks Bond vote proves my point instead of voting to reissue the debt at a lower rate and save the taxpayers $750,000 the two newest board members either didn’t understand what they read in the resolution or are just obstructionists either way the taxpayer lost. There are no new ideas coming out of the Republician party just anger in the end it will do the party in. Look what it just did to the Presidential GOP Primary.
    I will personally pay for a campaign piece regarding
    the bond vote in the next campaign.

  • Concerned

    All American Town,

    You must go thru this town with blinders on. The crime,gangs and decay are all over. If you only stay in the village,and by the way go there on a Sturday night, you will have this distorted view.

  • all American town

    @ Concerned I have lived in this town for 30 years and love it.
    A small potion of the town has gang issues and decay
    over the years it hasn’t spread and I do believe that the new county executive is dedicated to taking on the problem of gangs, he has already returned the gang unit to the second precinct. Oh and by the way I missed your solution to the problems….as per usual.

  • all American town

    @ concerned and all naysayers take a ride out to North Bellport, Shirly & Mastic. In North Bellport you can hear gunshots at night, Huntington Station pales in comparison to those areas. Stop trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Mastic has a large population of sex offenders some living under the same roof. You are probaly the folks in favor of closing the middle school, just think if the mayor of New York had to close a school everytime a shot was fired in the area no schools would be open.
    Get out and see the Island and then come back and be thankful you live where you do!

    • Back up

      I live in Huntington Station, between the high school and the train tracks. I hear gun shots and helicopters all summer long and as for the past few years, the summers have lasted all year long. My good friend (Nick), has uncovered dozens of sex offenders living with children in the same rental house or too close to schools and brought this info to our completely ignorant, town board, housing authority, police dept. As for your assinine statement, making mountains out of molehills – What is your answer? Keep the blinders on and hope that it all goes away before we become as bad as the other ruined hamlets on the island. You are a sheep, led by a corrupt regime, more interested in profit than people.

  • geezus!

    So because it is worse somewhere else means we should settle for less than best?

  • All American???

    Just sounds so angry.

  • all American town

    All three of my School Board picks won! We are winning keep motivating us with these blogs love it and so do my friends. Is it true that the last shotting in Huntingt Station was that gang member who shot himself to death when was that oh too long ago to remember.

    • Just the FACTS

      The last shooting that MADE THE NEWS was Thanksgiving weekend. It was a triple attempted murder. Gang related. One of the shooters was arrested at Whitmen, was an enrolled student, and had a gun on him, during school hours. That was swept under the rug. 15 total have been arrested thus far surrounding that one incident are are currently awaiting trial.

      Shot-Spotter has recorded 517 shots in 3 short months.

  • all American town

    @ just the facts and others.
    As of this morning Inspector Brady at the second percint reported that there has not been a shooting in Huntington Station this year.
    He also reoorted that from 1/2/12 to 4/1/12 shot-spotter has been activated 37 times 17 being false.
    @ Back-up it looks like you will hae a better summer this year and hopefully a better outlook.
    Regarding that 517 number he says it is false.
    Face it things are looking up.

  • wow

    So there were ONLY 20 shots! I feel Much better about the neighborhood now? Even with your “corrections” to the statistics, who would feel comfortable living in an area where there were actually 20 shots fired in a three month period? I wonder how many shots would have been detected had there been a shot spotter in Lloyd Harbor?
    Your last statement “Face it things are looking up” is pathetic.

  • Don't be Naive

    People die of overdoses in Lloyd Harbor not gunshots. Recent body dumped out east was learned to have died in a meth lab in the Lloyd Harbor area.

  • @Dont be Naive

    Back to the topic:
    The question was not now many deaths in Lloyd Harbor but,” How many shots would have been detected had there been a shot spotter in Lloyd Harbor?” The question was in comparison to the earlier post stating there were 37 shots detected of which 17 were false. The poster was minimizing the fact that there were 20 ACTUAL SHOTS DETECTED by The Shot Spotter installed in Huntington Station. Your comment was clearly intended to divert the issue and irrelevant to the topic at hand.

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