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Budget Vote and Trustee Election is Tuesday, May 15

Huntington School District voters will go to the polls on Tuesday, May 15 and cast ballots on the proposed school budget and capital reserve fund proposition and to elect three members to the board of education. Voting will be held at Huntington High School from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The proposed budget, which trustees unanimously and sent to voters for an up-and-down vote, totals $111,858,780 or an increase of 2.59 percent over the 2011/12 spending plan.

“The budget development process has been arduous, but it has been and it will remain important for us to analyze expenditures and revenues on a line-by-line, item-by-item basis so that we may continue to both address our students’ educational needs and exercise our fiscal responsibility to district taxpayers,” Superintendent James W. Polansky said. “I believe we have accomplished this in constructing the 2012/13 budget. These goals will remain intact as we prepare for the future.”

The proposed budget provides for the continuation of a full line-up of Regents, honors and Advanced Placement courses, comprehensive art, music and physical education programs, including marching band, orchestra, chorus, band, music ensembles and specialized art courses and interscholastic athletics for grades 7-12.

The SEARCH and Math Olympiad programs will continue for academically talented fifth and sixth graders. A strong program of special education classes and services will continue, as will academic intervention services for students needing assistance to meet state standards.

Monies are contained in the budget to purchase 430 desktop computers and 150 printers for use in all four primary buildings and the Woodhull School computer lab. This is the first installment in a four year plan to update the district’s technology equipment.

The proposed budget funds the high school college counseling center and extra-curricular activities at Woodhull School, J. Taylor Finley Middle School and Huntington High School, including drama club productions, student councils and student newspapers.

The budget includes $570,899 for new textbooks and workbooks, $37,644 for new library books, $90,000 for computer software and $560,257 for instructional equipment, including new computers.

Trustees allocated $2.025 million in reserves to help mitigate the estimated tax rate increase, which is pegged at 2.89 percent. If residents approve the budget, taxes on the average home assessed at $3,650 would increase $218.64 before STAR program savings are factored in. The tax rate would rise from $207.815 per $100 of assessed valuation to an estimated $213.14.

Capital Reserve Proposition

Residents will also have an opportunity to vote on a Capital Reserve Fund proposition that includes $2.299 million worth of projects. The district currently has $5,309,967 available for such work. The monies can only be used for renovation and reconstruction projects as authorized by voters.

The projects include chemistry lab renovation and replacement of the security, clock and public address systems at Huntington High School; replacement of the clock, security and public address systems at J. Taylor Finley Middle School; replacement of the fire alarm and clock systems at Woodhull School; installation of a building access control system and replacement of the security system at Flower Hill School; security system replacement at Jack Abrams School; installation of a building access control system and replacement of the security system at Jefferson School; installation of a building access control system, replacement of the security system and parking lot and sidewalk renovations at Southdown School; and installation of a building access control system, replacement of the security and public address systems, and roadway, parking lot and sidewalk renovations at Washington School.

Passage of the capital proposition will not increase taxes since the monies are already in place and can only be used for renovation, reconstruction and repair projects. The reserve fund allows the district to complete such projects without borrowing money and incurring interest expenses.

Trustee Election

Residents will also have an opportunity to elect three members to the Board of Education for three-year terms commencing on July 1, 2012 and running through June 30, 2015.

Candidates include incumbent Emily Rogan and challengers Bill Dwyer, Tom DiGiacomo, Xavier Palacios and Susan Tully. Incumbent Elizabeth Black and Kimberly Brown have decided not to run for re-election.

Eligibility to Vote

To be eligible to vote in the election, an individual must be a U.S. citizen, 18 years of age or older, a resident of Huntington School District for at least 30 days and be registered to vote in a general election or with the school district.

For more information, call District Clerk Elizabeth Troffa at 673-2126.

Source: Huntington School District Public Information Office

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89 comments to Budget Vote and Trustee Election is Tuesday, May 15

  • no vote for Palacios

    there is too much controversy surrounding this man

  • No Dwyer

    After what he caused he has some nerve running again.

  • Vote Palacios

    I’m voting for Palacios, Rogan, DiGiacamo. No doubt about it.

  • D and D

    Dwyer and DiGiacamo. True Huntingtonians.

  • DD

    The only D& D I like is Dunkin Donuts. Coffee is great. DiGiacamo has my vote but not the other part of that pair. I’d vote DEX.

  • True huntingtonians

    Interesting point about what it means to be a true huntingtonian. If it’s longevity in Huntington & history, then X, T, E, S make the grade. If it’s volunteering and giving back, then X, E, S, B, make the grade. If it’s whose going to move Huntington forward, than it’s clearly Emily, Xavier, Tom. VOTE ON TUESDAY.

  • Anonymous


  • And the teachers weigh in...

    Just learned that the Teachers are supporting Xavier, Emily & Tom…the 3 most interested in helping move our district forward!

  • actually

    The teacher union ONLY backed 2 candidates this year. Tom and Emily.

    So sad how much the Placios people just lie and lie.

    • Who cares?

      What difference does it make,who the teachers are supporting anyway? Are people today allowed to think for themselves or are they just supposed to follow the lead of others?

    • My Town Too

      Actually, you are wrong. We received the flyer from the ATH and they definitely are supporting those three candidates.

      I liked it better when the union didn’t get involved in school board elections.

      • Unions

        Do they do this in other school districts or only Huntington?

      • Anonymous

        And when was it that the Teachers Union didn’t get involved. I have been in Huntington since 1974 and involved in District 3 since shortly after that. Every year the Teachers Union supported one or more candidates.

        • anon

          Very sad to get politics involved at such a low level. This practice should be stopped.

        • My Town Too

          That’s odd that you would say that, because I too have been involved and we’ve never gotten a flyer from the ATH that said anything other than “support the budget”, along with the phone call. This is the first year we’ve gotten both.

          If they have supported candidates in the past, they didn’t advertise it publicly as far as I’ve ever seen.

          No matter, it’s happening now and is bothersome.

          • Unions!

            It started last year with Spector and Hebert. It never happened prior to that. Thats around the same time that politics got involved in the schools to prevent them from taking a stand against housing issues with the town.


    How dare the teachers union’s get involved!! This is outrageous. What did those candidates promise the unions?? Those three just lost my vote.

    • Anonymous

      Not necessarily anything. In fact, your reaction is one reason some candidates don’t want the Teachers Union endorsement.

  • Bullet Voting

    Just in from Rebecca Sanin camp, they are promoting to bullet vote for the Xavier Palacios. They will be picking up and dropping off all day with instructions on how to vote.

  • No Trust

    How can we trust Dwyer after what he pulled. Time for a change. Anyone but Bill.

  • no trust?

    Anybody Sanin is promoting is a lose/lose for this community. Track record speaks for it’s self.

    She had a meet-n-greet with Berland and was promoting Glenda Jackson. All she cares about is getting democrats elected.

    What happened to bring back jack? No money in it.

  • Anonymous

    I will be voting in line with the union backed candidates. Thank you for posting that info, I wasn’t sure but now I know who to vote for

    • dummy of the Year award

      think for yourself instead of allowing the deep pockets that are causing HUGE line items in our budgets to increase.

      I think you should vote for whomever they don’t back.

  • Anonymous

    Please do not vote for that guy. I don’t want to see rice and beans served in the school cafeteria.

  • Anonymous

    BULLET VOTE FOR DWYER!! Keep Palacious out!

  • No more

    Don’t forget it was Dwyer who voted to reconfigure the school district in the middle of the night a couple of years ago. He did more damage to this town then Frank Patrone. We need to keep him and his wife away from our schools.

  • reconfigure

    And the 6th grade center re-configuration was Rebecca Sanin’s idea! You people are never happy!

  • Long Islander Letter

    All I know is that letter to the Editor in the Long Islander from Jeff Moss was completely disgusting. Birds of a feather.

  • Anonymous

    The 3 union backed candidates will prevail. Any whiners need to understand that they don’t set a mandate. the majority of residents in district 3 are not like them and do not conform to their inexperience. The winners tmrw will show that. Thank U.

    • Unions!

      Then perhaps none of us should vote at all and just let the Unions decide.

      Why on earth would the TEACHER Union back Palacios when he has said he wants the children learning from computers interfaced to New Jersey and remove more teachers out of the classroom?

  • Anonymous

    I am disgusted with the whole Moss-Sannin mentality. Sannin suggested a 6th gr ctr so the board took her suggestion and voted on it. Now you crucify Bill for that?? Moss wrote a disgusting letter to editor about Dwyer in long islander. He should be ashamed of himself!! Dwyer has done many good things for th district. You forget what. Nightmare Finllo was. He was not a leader!!

    • 2010

      Paci was the first to suggest a 6th grade center. Also, Sanin wasn’t on the board, didn’t have a vote. If Dwyer is so easily swayed, more reason not to have him in a position of leadership.

  • Anonymous

    As u can see the candidates chose not to respond to the question posed by that other silly newspaper. They wiLl not be respected because everything turns into a hate filled venue with them and the resients of sd3 really coulnt care less about a few racist folks with little to show for their lifelong efforts.lead by example!

  • so wait?

    I don’t like candidate who happens to be hispanic and all of a sudden it is because I am racist?


    If I like Jon Cooper does that make me gay?

  • Sannin on the BOE?

    Was Sannin on the BOE? No, but Bill was the president. He is responsible for it. That was a dark day for our district. No discussion just a sneaky vote. We need a new board.

    • dont matter

      Sanin lobbied hard for the 6th grade center. And now it is being used against Bill by her camp.

      Never satisfied.

      • Sannin on the BOE?

        He was the president of the BOE and reacted out of pressure and fear. Not how a leader should act. A lot of us lost respect for him. Time for some new blood.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps he can still use his 501c3 lacrosse list and get votes that way by lying to them as usual. Is this a true leader or an unethical bias hatemonger. Its common practice by a sitting board member to use it. If its good enough for one bozo then why not the other. V

  • Anonymous

    The residents of sd3 will speak tmrw. They will vote X,E,T and the hater will have to make a quick E X I T. Ms.Tully will live to run again in the future. And the racist people will just rationalize among their ownkind. Thank you.

  • what is this race thing?

    Just because Palacios is Hispanic and some people do not support him does not make them racists.

    Stop inciting race issues when none exist.

  • D X E T D P

    WTF? I am so confused.

  • ABC's

    Are we using the first letter of the first name or the first letter of the last name?

    So stupid.

    I am voting straight down the line whatever order they are in on the ballot and no to everything else.

  • Vote No

    Vote no to ANY tax increase. We pay way too much as it is. Let’s demand a tax cut!

  • The Unions Endorsement

    The same people that are causing the budgets to increase with no added EDUCATIONAL line items?

    We should support their choices?

    Looking at the budget the only increase is salaries and pensions=Unions.

    Not voting for anyone they endorse even if it means throwing a vote away.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone but that guy that closes schools

  • LOL

    Funny-I have heard repeatedly that Sanin is supporting Xavier, Tom and Emily—not promoting bullet voting at all. It would be crazy to bullet vote in an election where Dwyer is trying to get on the ballot. If memory serves, he reigned over the darkest days our district faced. Nice guy, not the leader I want in office. Vote Emily, Tom, Xavier or Emily, Xavier, Susan or any combination that works. Most of us are comfortable with a number of combinations….

  • Confirmed

    Yes, she is supporting Xavier, Tom and Emily.

  • Vote

    Vote for the candidates you think bring the most to the table. Here’s how I see it:

    Xavier Palacios: Legal eye, new perspective, hard worker, roots in the community.

    Emily Rogan: Consensus-builder, experience for the job, hard worker.

    Tom DiGiacamo: Learning curve for sure, but very dedicated and strong background in technology.

    Susan Tully: Strong financial background, dedicated to our district, new perspective (as non-parent, she would bring the perspective of many, many people who vote in our elections but don’t have children currently attending our schools).

    Bill Dwyer: Nice person, great background in sports.

    Also please vote yes for the budget so the kids win too!

  • Voting the "Odds"

    Vote 1,3,5…enough said.

  • 1,2,3

    is for me.
    Makes sense, anything is to odd.

  • scary

    Gangs?……..I think we should be more afraid of the children of the racist haters posting on this page…….scary…….

  • Seriously

    Seriously wouldn’t vote for anyone that many of the posters on this page support. Some clubs aren’t worth belonging to.

  • My Town Too

    No matter who you vote for, no matter who wins, just realize you have them for the next three years!

    I would dare say the next three years could be full of controversy due to several factors: the tax cap which will continue to force districts to cut teachers and programs, the economy which will hopefully get better but continue to affect our budget (loss of property assessment and tax base revenue), and the threat of high density housing that is being pushed by the town board without a care about it’s affect on our schools.

    Are the people we are electing today going to be able to face those issues and make the best decisions for our schools? Think about that.

  • Anonymous

    I just voted for Mr.Palacios.thanks for showing me how much anti latino sentiment exists in sd3 and thanks for empowering me and my family to vote. Not only is he the brighter star , but fits the right role at the right time.thank you!

  • Vindicated

    I am latino and view much of your nasty comments. I voted for Mr. Palacios, not because he is Latino but because he cares about the ENTIRE community.

    • racial nonsense

      Most of these ‘racial’ comments were very likely put here by the people supporting Xavier to be able to say “see, look, they are racists” just to incite a racial division that does not exist on this level.

  • Anonymous

    I’m voting for Jeff Moss for “the not hiding behind an anonymous” award and standing up against the angry birds.

  • Anonymous

    I just voted against the angry birds

  • Anonymous

    Xavior the defeat against the 501 c3’s illegal work. Stay tuned for victory party after announcements in favor of Xavier….

  • ??

    *501 c3′s illegal work*

    what does this mean? Honestly curious.

  • haha just vote

    Just vote FOR your school budget so your kids can have good programs.

    I’d vote Xavier, Tom & Emily or Xavier, Susan and Emily. We are so lucky to have GOOD people to choose from. Some districts have no competition at all.

  • Anonymous

    Just because Moss posted ONCE using his real name doesn’t mean he gets an award!

  • News Flash

    X is already way ahead. I just got back from the school and the people there told me that everyone is voting X.

  • doubt it

    How many were in your car on the way there?

  • Anonymous

    Why am I receiving calls to vote for dwyer. My son is on the lacrosse team. Should they be endorsing candidates?

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure X is in. He’s spent a lot of $$ to make sure. Just like he did for Adam and Jen. Sad. When will ths town wake up!!! I wonder what the teachers union will think when he tries to cut them and use tele teaching??

  • Anonymous

    I got a call telling me who to vote for tooo from my sons lacrosse?!? Why would they use that list?

  • Anonymous

    I live in whitman village and my son is on the lacrosse team. I did not receive anything. However, I reciev ed a postcard during library election from them

  • Anonymous

    I live in whitman village and my son is on the lacrosse team. I did not receive anything. However, I reciev ed a postcard during previous election from them

  • Anonymous

    Liar! You didn’t get a call to vote for Dwyer. Just trying to make him look bad!! I just voted for him and so did 50 of my friends!

  • Anonymous

    I just voted for the best candidates who in my humble opinion were not dwyer and dajacomo.

  • Anonymous

    You got 50 people from the lacross team to come out? That’s great. Can we lie to people and trash the other guy. Maybe we can fool 50 more

  • reaching...

    wow. To pull McGrath into this. Talk about reaching. Next it will be Paci and then 20 minutes of bashing Emily. Why not tar and feather Dr Card while your at it.

    What is wrong with you people? The real hate lives within yourself for coming up with this stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with “reaching.” Sad really. I feel sorry for your kids!

  • Que?

    I think I just got a call telling me to vote for Palacios. I couldn’t understand the caller because they were speaking some sort of Spanglish. I did hear the name Palacios in there, but when I asked them if they were legal, they just hung up.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to everyone for running1!!! Don’t be discouraged and keep up the good work.

  • Result

    And the results are in…Palacios, Rogan and DiGiacamo-spin it anyway you want…most people believed in these candidates-none other.

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