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Legislator Spencer Votes to Save $1.4 Million this Year

Dr. William Spencer (Photo: Mike Tyminski)

Suffolk County Legislator William Spencer joined most of his colleagues in voting to protect taxpayers by requiring 423 non-bargaining unit, exempt employees to pay for part of the cost of their health insurance for the first time in the county’s history.  Today’s vote will save Suffolk County taxpayers $1.4 million through 2013 and would save $32 million over that time period if adopted countywide.  This resolution, coupled with other budget mitigation bills approved yesterday, provide recurring revenue for the cash-strapped County which is struggling to deal with a tremendously difficult fiscal crisis.

“This resolution, while not perfect, sends a clear, decisive message to tax payers that we are in this together,” stated Legislator Spencer.  “Residents can count on us to protect their pocketbooks and make the necessary sacrifices to bring the county budget under control.  This plan may need tweaking in the future but as part of an overall fiscal blueprint it goes a long way to set tone for future negotiations with county unions.”

Paying into health care is vital considering that Suffolk County government ended 2011 with a $60 million deficit, the deficit in 2012 could be as much as $100 million including 315 layoffs built into the budget and 2013 has a projected $300 million deficit.  In total, health insurance costs Suffolk County approximately $300 million per year, including coverage of active and retired employees.

Starting on November 1, the policy calls for County employees making less than $50,000 to pay 15 percent of the cost of their health insurance, employees making between $50,000-150,000 to pay 20 percent and employees making more than $150,000 to pay 25 percent.  In 2012, the County’s self-insured plan averaged $7,736 for individuals and $16,500 for family coverage.

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5 comments to Legislator Spencer Votes to Save $1.4 Million this Year

  • Disgusted +

    The best resolution would be to abolish the legislature and go back to a Board of Supervisors.
    The county leg is the refuse of some of the most absurd people to ever hold office. It would save us over 20 million a year and get rid of these self serving ego maniacs. So employees pay 15% and people like him make 90k a year for a monthly meeting. Guess it sounds right to the ear doc.

  • Thanks

    Thanks as always Dr. Spencer for doing right by our community.

  • U can't fool us

    They hire political hacks to no show jobs and brag that they are saving money by having them pay 15% of their health insurance. THis is all image and no substance once again from the Doc.

  • Why was Rebecca Sanin hired at $100K per year for a County Position? Does this save us money? What about the people with more experience than her that are now being fired? Why start her at $100K? Why did Legislator Spencer endorse her husband for the recent Library position? Has a Legislator ever endorsed a Library position before?

  • Anonymous

    Wait…Spencer endorsed Sanin for a HUNTINGTON library vote? Doesn’t he live in Harborfields?
    I guess Sanins job is payback for campaigning for the Doc!
    Has Spencer done anything for Huntington Sta yet? Just curious.

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