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Councilman Mark Mayoka Announces Two Initiatives for May 22 Town Board Meeting

Councilman Mark Mayoka

The two initiatives are as follows:


The purpose is to hire Ed Carr as the full-time Director of Maritime Services. Ed Carr’s extensive Maritime experience coupled with his superior Educational accomplishments make him the ideal candidate for the position. He will be able to provide necessary safety services and enhance the outreach to the entire boating community.


I am currently working with the Interim Comptroller to amend the Bond Refunding resolution in order to save the residents more money than originally proposed.

The new resolution will address the following:

1)      Reduce the proposed issuance of Bonding from 24 million dollars to match closer with the debt proposed to be retired of 23.36 million dollars.

2)      Establish a strategic financial plan to maximize the savings to the town through a thorough review and reallocation of proposed bond refunding maturities.

3)      Establish a savings plan so as to allocate the savings to benefit the taxpayers through reduced issuance of debt or reduced spending in each respective year.

“I am disappointed in the comments made by my democrat colleagues but look forward to working with them and keeping focused on the task at hand of saving money for all the residents of Huntington,” said Councilman Mayoka.


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31 comments to Councilman Mark Mayoka Announces Two Initiatives for May 22 Town Board Meeting

  • Wise Up

    Mark, the focus of the meeting on the 22nd should be about the blatant abuse of the t.d.r. and the precedent it will set for the entire town. The Meyers farm debate(debacle), if passed, will change the dynamics of this town forever. Alyssa Taft, is blowing a volcano load of smoke up your butt. She says she needs a park? With all of the parkland in the sweet hollow area? Really? Dont think for one moment that she will deliver you one vote, when it comes election time and dont think that the rest of the entire voting base is’nt watching this abomination, go down. This whole thing wreaks of cronyism, corruption, favoritism, spot zoning, disgust. She doesn’t want an Indian Church in her neighborhood and is prepared to sell the entire town, down the river, to make it not happen. 14.5 units per acre is the maximum allowable density and you’re prepared to say yes to 20 units per acre in the Half Hollow school dist., because you think she will deliver votes to you? Have you lost your mind? What is to stop ANY builder from asking for the same density or, better yet, whats to stop ANY builder that was previously denied this rite, from suing the town for discrimination? Have you thought about OakTree dairy’s proposal? What about Avalon Bay? You need to smarten up quick, election time is right around the corner and this town is sick and tired of all the biased bs that goes on.

  • ???

    I see nothing in this article about Meyers farm. What are you talking about?


    There SHOULD be. Mark M should be taking a stand instead he is worried about a 4 person civic group in Sweet Hollow that had the audacity to rename a 5 acre parcel “Sweet Hollow Park” and claim it needs to be saved. The reality is town is voting on 5/22 to give the DENSITY RIGHTS (yes I said GIVE) to a developer with an adjoining parcel of 13 acres. It will increase the density to 20 units per acres without requesting a zone change.

    Get it yet? Sneaky little shell game they are playing with our zoning laws AGAIN. Mark M better wise up and quick and vote against this scheme. Or the votes of the supporters he had at one time will be gone. The CSA will not tolerate it. The proponents against Avalon Bay will not tolerate it and the new group GHCG will not tolerate it. How many people did not want a TOD?

    Vote for Alyssa Tafts hair brained idea and you will see a massive voting block in the next election cycle.

  • Anonymous

    Nooooo. What happened Mayoka? Have you gone to the dark side? Wise up and vote NO!!!!

  • saving money?

    It is my understanding the Meyer’s Farm is being proposed to be bought with Open Space funds, tax payers money. If you are GIVING the density rights away instead of selling them are you not giving away tax payer money intended to be used only for open space. So in fact, you are using Open Space money for development?


  • Ron

    Its all smoke and mirrors. Taft is a known friend of Steve Israel, Frank Petrone and Susan Berland. Her job is to keep the Dems in power and do whatever it takes to push their agendas through. Mark should take the time to check her voting history and see if she voted for him in the fist place. I doubt it. I don’t believe this has anything to do with her fear of an Indian Church or love of park land, I think its just a ploy to push for higher density in the township. A scheme, concocted by the Petrone administration. Mark, this is not the Republican way. You have been doing a decent job, against great odds. Don’t fail us now.

  • The story of 3 Democrats

    Three town of Huntington council people were walking in Huntington Station and they came upon some illegal aliens by CVS.

    The first councilman said “Gee I see Democrat votes” The second council member said “Gee, what shoes can I wear to the ribbon cutting when we open anything so I can get more Democrat votes?” and the third councilman leaned back into his chair and texted for a cab so he could get back to yoga classes with his favorite boy toy Stu Beson

    Moral of the story: Democrats care only about themselves and what can get them re-elected.

  • Sweet Hollow

    What a bunch of hypocrites. As if anyone in this town would be so eager, to roll out the red carpet for a “Mosque”. We have every right to protect ourselves and our neighborhood from this type of thing. We have them moving into an industrial area and you are still not satisfied. We pay a lot more in taxes and have a much larger investment in this town. So, like it or lump it, its a done deal.

    • true colors

      So it’s not about a Park at all? It’s about not wanting a Mosque. Why all the deceitful signs saying Fight For Sweet Hollow Park when no park exists by the name in Sweet Hollow? Nice way to fool all your neighbors. We are not going to be happy Alissa and might need to re-name that Library to something else now.

  • MARK!!!!!!!

    Put the Koolaid down and think for yourself. We elected you to be a shepard not a sheep.

  • Is Asst Town Attorney Johanna Suchow. The chain smoking poltical hack.
    well well well, look at the collusion going on here.
    **The decision to close Sunquam created antagonism between those in the western part of the district and those in the east, said the vice president of the Civic Association of Sweet Hollow, Johanna S. Suchow.**

    Mark I would get out of this one quick.

  • Change the laws!

    This is deplorable!!!! A Town Attorney should NOT be allowed to sit on a civic executive board. Thats political patronizing and nothing more. Laws should be enacted immediately to prevent this corruption moving forward.

    Mayorka, listen up! These are obviously Democrats and would not vote for you for your next term. Don’t loose any other republican, indy or blank votes because you are being pressured by a non-existent civic group whose time has come to pass.

    • Marky goes to yoga classes

      Mayoka getting elected accident. Marky boy was told old being on Town Board the FBI was having a raid to take the gang out. Mayoka had a press release the day before pretending that the FBI got involved as it was Markys Boy idea. Amazing no one was killed by the gang.

    • Administrator, Village Tattler

      Johanna S. Suchow is not a VP of any civic association.

  • Anonymous

    WHAT WHAT WHAT???? Johanna is VP of this civic??? Mark…Please just run away from this one and vote NO!!!!

    • Administrator, Village Tattler

      Johanna S. Suchow is not a VP of any civic association and resigned as VP of the Civic Association of Sweet Hollow in 1999.

  • Patricia Glenn

    I thought that what they were building in Half Hollow Hills was an old folks home. Why would you people be against that?

  • Old Folks

    Where in the zone change does it stipulate that? I am not against an old folks home. I am against them stealing density from one parcel (a park) and GIVING it to the developer to build above the 14.5 units per acre. This will be 21 per acre. Are you OK with that?

  • it is true

    and if this developer gets this deal then all the others will want the same sweetheart deal.

    By all means. Build the 55+ older community. But keep it at code for 14.5. For the record they changed it from 55+ older to garden apartments so ANYTHING can be built and 20% is required by law to put in low income housing.

    Increasing the density will allow for more and more and more low income housing in Half Hollow Hills…..oh wait! Maybe we SHOULD support this! Hell give em 40 units per acre! Let them see what school district 3 is going through, maybe then you’ll stand with us instead of against us not caring what happens in THAT neighbor”hood”.

  • Dave

    I find this all fascinatiing. Thank you.

  • How deep it goes

    I knew there was corruption but had no idea how deep it went.

  • Salty Dog

    Alyssa Taft sold us, the residents of South Huntington, out with her phony support of the Walt Whitman Maul expansion. Notice how Sweet Hollow will be immune to the traffic and construction pain the rest of us will suffer. Disgraceful.

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