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The UpZoned Swap Con Job

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144 comments to The UpZoned Swap Con Job

  • Palacios the Player

    AH! So it comes to light that Mr Palacios is part of the Huntington Station Latin Quarter and they seem to be part of a group that wants to add more density in Huntington Station? Really now?

    Nice little picture of him and all the upzone, downzone, anyzone pushers on the bottom left. Or errrr far left?

    I will be running down to town hall of May 22nd!!!! This upzone, transfer of density rights is a complete nightmare and people do not realize the precedence it will set between this and the efforts of Palacios?

    Big trouble coming.

  • Palacios the Player

    specifically this part:

    ● Development of work-force housing within the defined target area (especially along the New York Avenue corridor through the use of New Market Tax Credits to encourage property owners to develop decent housing above the retail level.

  • geezus!

    How many Federal Grants and non Profits does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    • yep!

      Someone should really research the amount of grant money that has been given to this non-revitalized area. Makes you wonder if they keep it that way just to milk the Federal grant Cow as long as possible.

      Just another reason to NOT vote for that Palacios Puppet. Looks like it is true and he is part of a much bigger problem.

      • Station needs a voice

        Isn’t it about time both public and private money be pumped into the station?

        • ummmm really?

          Haven’t they been doing that for years with no results? Decades even?

          The EDC was put into place in 2003 and has never produced one job for the PUBLIC. Only bonus’s and pension packets for the people on the EDC.

  • Village Eyes

    How many Committees and Subcommittees does it take to screw a hamlet?

  • Anonymous

    If you hate this town so much, then why not move out and make it a better place for us all. Thank you…

  • Wow!

    After reading the link, I find what Mr. Palacios is doing to help revitalize the community nothing short of amazing. It seems that he is trying to help existing businesses on NY avenue. I do not see anything about any new developments, just beautifying the ones that are already there. Thanks for the link…just more proof that he is the real deal.

  • Station Nance

    Wow, you are right! He is a great advocate for HS. Let’s face it. There are a number of spanish owned businesses on 110 in HS. Why shouldn’t there be a CDC or non profit trying to help those people? I think its commendable. He was getting my vote anyway.

  • A new day is coming

    Got my vote!!

  • enlightened

    Thank you for posting this info on Xavier! I had no idea. I will not be voting for him.

    Also Thank YOU Norm! I will be attending he Town Board Meeting.

  • enlightened too

    He should link this to his website. Everyone should know all of the great things he is doing for the community.

  • GHCG

    I attended the Greater Huntington Civic Group meeting this week and I was very impressed by him. I know that he is getting a lot of support from us.

    • Administrator, Village Tattler

      The Greater Huntington Civic Group does not support any particular candidate for BOE, as per its by-laws. It is a non-partisan organization.

  • Anonymous

    I was not impressed with how Xavier positioned himself in front of the podium at the Ghcg mtg while Steven was saying we’ll start from right to left. Then he left because he had to go to an event to the high school that the other 4 candidates were going to as well.
    I guess he’s more important.
    DEFINITLY does NOT have my vote.

  • GHCG

    GHCG announced after LaBate spoke that some of the candidates would leave at 8:15 because of another event that was concluding at 9. I thank Mr. Palacios for coming to our Meet the Candidate event. He was very impressive and remained until all questions directed to him were finished.

    I was undecided until that night but after meeting all candidates, he will be the first one I cast a ballot for.

    • administrator, Village Tattler

      The Greater Huntington Civic Group does not support any particular candidate for BOE, as per its by-laws. It is a non-partisan organization. Please do not use the GHCG as your name in the comments.

  • not GHCG

    Someone is posting as ‘GHCG’ and it is not a message from the President. They post all messages from the President and press releases on their website. I know they do not publicly endorse any candidates for office for any position.

  • Anonymous

    No the GHCG dd not announce that. Get your facts straight!

  • Puppet palacios

    Palacios is just another puppet of the town board. He is not his own man. It is so pathetic. He is trying to get on the school board to push town hall agenda of high density housing. At the debates he was arrogant, misinformed and wrong. What real man would act in this fashion?? We cannot count on him to really help the people. VOte for anyone but Palacios.

  • The Boss

    Nice refrigerator Art!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this info about palacios. I was undecided but will be voting for him. I met him at the high school event.

  • Not the Puppet

    Thanks for posting this info about palacios. I was undecided but now will be voting for ANYBODY BUT PALACIOS. We do not need a wimpy puppet.

  • Anon

    You bloggers are all too much. I can almost cancel my subscription to US weekly.

    BTW, I love what Palacios is doing for this town. I didn’t even realize it was him that was running. He will make a great addition to the school board.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this.You convinced me and I will vote for him.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for informing me about the housing issue. I am in favor of this proposal. Who should I vote for to help push this?

  • Its a fact

    Isn’t palacios the one who said there are no gangs in Huntington? He is just what we do Not need. We need someone who knows the facts. Maybe he should do some research before he speaks.

  • Anon

    Palacios is EXACTLY what this town needs! Besides it would be great to have a seasoned attorney on the Bd.

  • yes Palacios

    Exactly what we need, he will fit right in with all the other corrupt politicians this town mass produces.

    Totally makes sense to put a corrupt politician on the school board. Because we NEED politics involved in our children’s education.

    It is painfully evident he is running his campaign JUST like a politican would run for upper office (Fundraiser at Bin 56??) and is sadly changing the mood of what used to be a simple Board of Ed run, PTA like has now been infiltrated by THEM, again. It started last year when Palacios gave Jen Hebert and Adam Spector both $1000.00 to get on the school board and also paid for Rookies where Adam Spector had a HUGE fundraiser (for a school board position! Who does these things?) With all Town Employees in attendance.

    You guys that are voting for him deserve everything you get. He wants to teach kids via the internet so we don’t need to pay pensions (IE real life teachers) and is now caught supporting workforce housing but ONLY for the Latino community.

    You guys can’t even see whats right in front of your face. Your just doing it so your “side” wins, but in the end our kids will loose and your taxes will increase.

  • No Way XP

    Now Palacios is a seasoned attorney-Well just add some salt and stick a fork in him. He is just another loya that knows nothing but how to argue with others. He stated he had two friends who were shot at Jack Abrams when he went to school there and says: Whats the big deal now? Obviously, a guy like this does not have the skills,or understanding to look after our kids.

  • Anon

    First of all the event tonight is not a fundraiser-it’s a meet and greet. Secondly, he did not pay for the Rookies event for Adam. Get your facts straight. Stop spreading false rumors.

  • Wow

    An ” in the know” poster. How refresing. No vote here.

  • Voting for the X Factor

    Xavier has the professional experience to deal with this new way of operating that we all face. I’m voting for X—for sure!

  • GHCX

    I was gonna vote for B, then T, then E, then S, but now is definitely X (with a side of E or T or S).

  • A.M.B.X.

    Bill, Tom, Tully. A monkey before Xavier.

  • My Town Too

    Experience shows us that people with a “personal agenda” have no business being on a school board.

    So, for example, issues such as 1) using the school board as a jumping off point for higher office, or 2) using the so-called power of being on school board to get what you want for your own kids, or 3) using the position to coerce your fellow trustees into following town board policies that will hurt the district, or 4) promising voters that YOU alone will cut taxes, or 5) etc… HAVE NO PLACE BEING IN A SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION!

    People who genuinely want to do what they can to help the students in our district to be successful, are the ones we need. Not just one group of students, but ALL.

    We need people who care about all groups involved in the district… the students, the staff and the taxpayers – not an easy balance, but a necessary one.

    We need people who will be conscientious about getting into the nitty-gritty of district operations, not just being outspoken about some hot-button issue to gain favor with the audience.

    We need someone who will continue to educate themselves in school board functions, by going to workshops and local conferences. Then they should pass on what they’ve learned to their fellow trustees and the community.

    Even though three spots are open this year, you don’t have to vote for three people if you don’t feel one or another is good for the district. Vote for one or two if that’s your preference. Write in a name of someone you feel would be a better choice! We’re going to be stuck with these people for the next three years, so choose wisely. Call or e-mail them and ask your important questions.

  • X's report card:a big" F"

    XP won’t work to get rid of gangs, because in his world they don’t exist
    XP uses money for power as shown by his large donations to school board candidates who now are returning the favor
    XP is a hypocrite- in his Huntington Bay world with waterview and claims to be part of the HSta community.
    Fianl report card: X graded a big “F”

  • Welcome to the Latin Quarter

    Xavier Palacios | Facebook Palacios está en Facebook. Únete a Facebook para conectar con Xavier Palacios y otras personas que tal vez conozcas. Facebook da a la gente el …

    • Me no speaka

      Why is this in spanish. Is it because spanish people are to lazy to learn the language? Is it because they are to pompous and think that the rest of the english speaking country should learn their language? Is it that they are to stupid to learn the language?

      • ESL

        Because Xavier will fight for more ESL classes putting more strain on the actual education of children whose parents pay ever rising taxes to support. But hey as long as they can speak Spanish and English who cares about pesky little things like math, science, history, & art right?

      • Anon

        It’s “too.” Maybe you should work on mastering your own language before criticizing others.

  • Haters

    Everyone on that school Board seems to have a personal agenda. OMG I read a few post about Xavier I will be voting for him with about fifity of my friends we have had enough of this Anti-hispanic hatetred. And when all else fails High density housing gets thown out and all that talk of crowding schools I bet you are all Christians spewing this hate.
    Let me just advise many of you. Huntington has a large community of people who are homeowners that pay school taxes and do not have one child in the school yes my taxes and others gladly goes toward those who do not own homes and send their chilren to shool on my dollar and I have been happy to do it for the past 30 years. Or many people I know who pay the taxes and send there kids to Saint Anthony’s
    we are all sick of your stupidity! Move to Famingdale where you will fit in.

    • stupidity?

      Pot calling the kettle black. You should try spell check before you call others “stupid”. Also throwing religion in there to prove a point? Genius!

      Just curios what is in Farmingdale? If you can put together a cohesive sentence I would love to hear the explanation to that one.

    • That's good

      So, you are saying vote for Palcios because he will keep our taxes high and make sure we are still spending our money on sending the children of people who don’t own homes to our school?

    • ??

      So glad you are happy to pay taxes and that you and your fifty friends are voting for him. Now I see he doesnt need my support.

      • Raising taxes?

        Palacios on record that he does not support staying in the 2% tax cap.

        • computer taught kids

          He also supports kids being taught from computers and not teachers all in the name of saving pension $. Is he saying fire teachers? That’s what it sounds like. If I wanted my children to be taught from a computer I would home school. HE ALONE is not in charge of pension reform and has no right dipping his toes in the lake.


  • Motivation

    Blogs like this just motivate us to get out and support Xavier even if we didn’t prior. Keep up the good work.

  • me

    I thought XP was to clean up the day laborers that are along Depot & NY Avenue and especially around the Huntington Station Sports center, if he can’t handle that he is no good for the school board, or does he not see them because they are his people. He is already just broken promises, wait if he gets on the board, this is a wakeup call people.

  • ditto

    Blogs like this also motivate us to get out and NOT vote for Xavier!

    Keep up the good work spreading the truth about this person and why he should not receive any votes.

  • @Stupidity

    I think that was supposed to be Famingville at least that’s where I see all of you fitting in. And the person who posted that makes allot of sense. I agree.

    • stupidity?

      you can’t even navigate a blog, how will you ever make it to the polls?

      What’s in Farmingville? And who is ALL of you? Please name names so we can see the reverse racism in action!

      • Farmingville

        87.8% White, 1.2% African American, 0.1% Native American, 1.7% Asian, 1.4% from other races, and 1.8% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 8.1% of the population.

  • @ dumb dumb

    Try absentee ballots.

  • @Dumb dumb and Farmingville

    Farmingville is the disgrace of suffolk county known thoughout the nation as the anti-immigrant town. Movies have been made “The Climate of Hat” we may have a sequel in the Station if bloggers like this keep it up.

  • Anonymous

    Racism is mans greatest threat to man-the maximum hatred for a minimum reason.the obligation of racists people is to acknowledge and start by being honest with oneselves….remaning clueless that our behavior is racist is just a dance of denial…

  • racists comments

    Isn’t telling “assumed” white people to move to Farmingville because they are all white, a form of racism?

    First off how do you know what color I am based on an anonymous post. Thats assumption. I could be Chinese, Afro American or anything else for that matter. The first one to draw the race card is usually the most racist one of all.

  • Anonymous

    I personally doubt we are cabable of having meaningful discussion on this topic.if so,we eventually have to confront our inhumanity.instead,when the topic comes up we go into defensive mode,we flip the topic and claim the other person is racist.we minimize their concern as reactionary and label that individual as a troublemaker.

  • 3k

    As long as you are anti-Hispanic ….we welcome you in Farmingville. Love this thread! It’s about time we speak out against the infiltration of all who don’t belong to the brotherhood.

  • Say no to R2D2

    Yeah we don’t computers in our schools! What does he think that this is Asia?!? We should also tear down the smart boards.

  • Comedy Central

    Who’s on first?

  • Comedy Central

    Abott, Costello and three silly members of GHCG that live on this thread. GHCG=dying gadflies

  • Astronomist

    You three GHCG clowns are out of this world! Martian-like. People read this thread because we are attracted to oddities like yourselves. To the moon Alice!!!


    Three GHCG members were walking through the woods and they came to some tracks.
    The first GHGC member said “These look like deer tracks,”
    and the others said, “No, they look like moose tracks.”
    They argued and argued, and they were still arguing when the train hit them.
    Moral: Keep posting hatred . . .you clueless fools will be left on the tracks when the train passes you by. Your ideology and hatred are antiquated and smell of decaying brain matter. Your time is UP!!!!!!! Move over stooges.

  • GHCG

    That’s crazy! We should instead take the kids out of the classroom! Oh wait, we did that already! Vote Dwyer!!!!

    • VOTE DDT

      I was going to vote for Rogan until I heard she was at the Palacious meet an greet. Sorry, you lost my vote. Even though Dwyer was a bit of a nightmare through the whole jai issue, under our new leadership of Polansky it won’t be an issue. VOTE DIGIACOMO, DWYER AND TULLY!!

  • Anonymous

    BENJAMIN DOVER-you my friend have some serious delusional issues. I feel bad for you and will not argue with a crazy person!!


    You will only argue with your two other cronies while the train passes you.


    I saw DiGiacomo at the Palacious street clean-up. I wouldn’t vote for him. Just vote DWYER and he will straighten Pulansky out.

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea what you are talking about BENJAMIN DOVER and that makes me very relieved!!


    You are one of three GHCG members that live on this thread and exude a toxic level of ignorance. Your time has passed and you are angry. Your relief is short lived as the train is coming and you just can’t hear it. You are as relevant as a whoopee cushion, so keep blowing air.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who “Jen” is but it’s not me!! Seems to me, you are the one living on this thread! This whole dialogue is hysterical. Like it means anything?!?! LOL

    • Anon

      That is the first thing that you said that makes sense!! It’s true your whole dialogue is meaningless. The train is coming . . . choo choo.

  • My Town Too

    This thread has gone way over the bounds of civility. I’m surprised they haven’t shut it down. It most certainly isn’t showing the best or the norm of Huntington’s community. We are better than all of this.

    Voting for school board trustees is a personal decision, depending on your own take on the candidate’s positions and statements.

    For me, involvement is key. One candidate has particularly shown me that they haven’t been around, just by the statements made at Meet the Candidates night. Don’t make promises you can’t keep folks. If elected, you are one person in a group of seven. You will not always get what you want or what you have promised to those who foolishly elected you.

    Personally, I’m only voting for two people, both would be new to the board. There isn’t a third candidate in my mind who deserves to be there, for various reasons.

    I am backing Tom DiGiacomo and Susan Tully. If you’ve been at board meetings, you will know they’ve been there all along. They understand the realities and the problems and are willing to work hard for our district. They don’t have an agenda.

  • This is the president of the Greater Huntington Civic Group. Please be aware that any posts made to date in this series have NOT been made by an authorized representative of the Greater Huntington Civic Group. The Greater Huntington Civic Group is a nonpartisan organization that does not support or endorse any specific candidate for any public office. For an overview of our goals, please visit our website and see our Action Plan 2012:

    Steven Spucces
    Greater Huntington Civic Group


      Pathetic how quickly you would respond to this “uncivilized” thread. Funny how you would defend yourself in this fashion. If someone on here said that they were speaking out for the NAACP or American Heart you would never see those orgsnizations defend themselves on this thread. You know why? Because they aren’t constant maggots of this site, polluting social media with hate mongering rhetoric. Your rapid response is proof positive that your organization dwells in these caverns. You guys are a bunch of pathetic, blundering racists. Sad that you live here….Greatest Huntingtington Cookoos Gang.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Steven and thank you for all the good things the GHCG does!!

  • Wowzers

    The ghcg must be doing something right to get so much flaming. Whatever it is your doing keep up the great work guys! To try to impersonate you is the highest form of flattery. Thank you Mr Spucces. Your classy response is duly noted. This makes me only want to cast 2 votes to be honest like My Town Too suggested. The tactics displayed here show there is much more below the surface with 1 candidate and I will be voting for the only 2 not involved in any mudslinging. We get enough of that in politics and it does not belong on a school board. period. We don’t need bullies like this being the example of what to do for our youth.


    Three GHCG members were walking through the woods and they came to some tracks.
    The first GHGC member said “These look like deer tracks,”
    and the others said, “No, they look like moose tracks.”
    They argued and argued, and they were still arguing when the train hit them.
    Moral: Keep posting hatred . . .you clueless fools will be left on the tracks when the train passes you by. Your ideology and hatred are antiquated and smell of decaying brain matter. Your time is UP!!!!!!! Move over stooges.

    • @OUTED

      Three illegal aliens were walking through the woods and they came upon some tracks. The first illegal said, “These look like iguana tracks”, and the others said, “No, they look like monkey tracks.” They argued and argued, and they were still arguing when a bear caught them by surprise, ate all of them, and then had a massive bowel movement. Moral: Bears do crap in the woods and spanish food, gives them diahrhea.

      • outed councilpeople

        Three town of Huntington council people were walking in Huntington Station ( I, know!really?) and they came upon some illegal aliens by CVS.

        The first councilman said “Gee I see Democrat votes” The second council member said “Gee, what shoes can I wear to the ribbon cutting when we open anything so I can get more Democrat votes?” and the third councilman leaned back into his chair and texted for a cab so he could get back to yoga classes with his favorite boy toy Stu Beson

        Moral of the story: Democrats care only about themselves and what can get them re-elected.

  • 100

    We hit 100!!!! Watch out for the train Stevie Pooches!!!

  • Benjamin

    That last one was funny Stevie!!! Jen told me that one too!!!

  • @@outed

    Awe!! Did one of our paw minnie brained GHCG get offended?

  • Truth Comes Out

    Its only appropriate that the GHCG responds with a race joke. Their motives are sadly transparent.

  • Decloaking GHCG

    GHCG won’t endorse a candidate but they will endorse racially motivated retaliation. Their backwoods anctics belongs in a trailer park. Shame on you GHCG and mr Spoocces

    • sniff sniff

      doesnt pass the smell test.
      Same posters talking to themselves.
      and too many GHCG postings to determine if the GHCG even did post.
      Pathetic.They accuse one group (GHCG) of being them same person when they are in fact one boring moron with nothing better to do but post on a commentary they claim no one knows anything about.They are talking to themselves and very likely on the edge of sanity from some of the posts.
      Congrats Mr Spucces & Levertu of GHCG. you’re now local heros. Be careful with that power.Please stay the course of what you set out to do and do not become a part of the could change the course of huntington.finally.
      They wouldnt try so hard on here if you were nobodies. Whatever you are doing keep at it.

  • Reality Check

    That was not the real Steven Spucces. He would never lower himself to respond to such fodder. NOT!!!! This whole thread smells of Spucces and Jen

  • ummm

    How about we be Decent people??? Focus on the issues, not whose most popular in the moment!

  • Anonymous

    Do I have to be a republican to join “the crazies” or is just being an ignorant uneducated idiot enough?

  • Anonymous

    No u just have to be willing to remain clueless in recognizing that our behavior at times is racist in nature. Thus, only white people can really join but we can make room for one or two blacks , just to show a false reality.. Also, if u have a drinking problem then u will become a vip at the meetings.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah but can I speak at the podium?

  • Anonymous

    Well first u have to be drunk unless u shave ur head. Then if u are willing to push our agenda regardless of any dramatic demographic shift, then u may speak

  • Anonymous

    Seriously enough with the racism BS!! You are obviously a very angry black man. Get over it!! Nobody cares what color you are except you!

  • Anonymous

    Are there any internship opportunity for my kids with this group?

  • Anonymous

    Yes,of course. We have many opportunities for kids to get involved. One of our more popular programs is “the institutional racism program”,where ur kids will learn how to continue patterns associated with policies, procedures and cultural norms that have a net effect of favoring us…

    • Huntington Leadership Program

      This is the group for you then! The Dem’s answer to creating reverse racism and teaching our youth how to lie to the public. In 2008 they did a practice drill. A *how too* shove in affordable housing if the public creates resistance. They will also teach you how to use social programs to gain votes and while segregating people into low income pockets of the town, allowing more affluent neighborhoods to buy out of the affordable housing component on new housing developments so those low income minorities stay right where they want them and never offer a true “leg up” the social ladder.

  • Lene is Berland Obsessed cause she wants to be her friend

    lene give it up looking up at the time stamping you are hitting the booze again. Everyone knows your fake newspaper is funded by Cook. You still upset Berland and Johanna never invited you to party? Town Hall employees still laughing at you bringing Berland balloons and champagne when you tried to buy her friendship. You and your husband are laughable weren’t you moving to Maine? Instead you worked hard to get Cook elected because he promised to make your husband Head of Planning. How is that working out for you?

    • shhhhh

      Time will heal all wounds Vivian. Step away from the keyboard before the men in white coats come. Holding on to a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

      Thank you posting.Now we all know where the other vicious postings from Ben Dover were coming from.

  • Anonymous

    My kids are colorblind. Can “the crazies” help?

  • Anonymous

    Of course! Its unfortunate because this belief automatically invalidates what we do.good thing we have the”colorblindness” program which basically validates the impact of systemic and individual racism.with the same approach that we were taught we should be able to create a false reality and diconnect your child from understanding institutional racism and individual behaviors. Please bring your child to us so we can still capitalize on his naivete and idealism…

  • Anonymous

    It is not in the best interest of the district to have Palacios serve on the school board and say it should not have a presence in town affairs while he himself is working with the Huntington Station Latin Quarter and the town to provide more low income housing in the district. Not racism to say that. Just plain conflict of interest that makes it impossible for him to see the issues without bias.

  • Comedy Central

    He is a Republican. Jokes on you.

  • Wow

    Then he is a RINO, as his actions and affiliations are democratic.

  • Anonymous

    Conflict of interest has no political party. It is what it is.


    Dwyer is the only candidate with a TRUE conflict. He is pressing to get back on the board while the company that employs him is bidding on a contract with the school board. I bet the cookoos are overlooking that real and obscene fact! HGCG, you see only what you want to see and the color of someone’s skin seems to matter more than real real ethical conflicts.

    • Hi Ben

      Same dummy posting same stuff. Turn the page.

    • Anonymous

      Your attempts to change the subject are truly pathetic. The color of someone’s skin? How about our budget increasingly going to mandated ESL. How about having more teachers sue as they lose their jobs to spanish speaking teachers? Who cares what color someone’s skin is.

  • Teachers Support Palacios, Rogan, DiGiacamo

    And the teachers are SUPPORTING the best candidates…Palacios, Rogan & DiGiacamo. I’m happy that the people I’m supporting are the same people our EDUCATORS support!!!

  • wow thanks

    Thanks to the teachers for their endorsement of the 3 best candidates. Each teacher-endorsed candidate has my vote. We need leaders that put our chidlren first—vote E, X T.

  • The truth

    Why would teacher’s endorse Xavier when he has written in an email stating he is for distance learning (Teacher’s via TV satelitte using outside vendor’s)to teach our children. Proof forthcoming. Teacher’s won’t support someone like that!

  • Anon

    I got it also. X,E,T for BOE!

  • Unions

    Do the Unions endorsing BOE candidates happen in any other district?

    • My Town Too

      It does happen in a lot of districts, but it never used to happen in Huntington until the past couple of years. I don’t feel that the union should get involved in board elections, but that’s my opinion – others don’t mind. They send flyers out to every teacher/retired teacher that lives in the district, including those who’ve taught elsewhere. So they could have a large base that might support their selections for trustees.


    The teachers unions are out of line. Unions are only interested in their own pocketbooks. What was promised??

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