Man Arrested for Selling DVDs Containing Bestiality Content

Ajith Managodage, 51, was charged with Obscenity 3rd Degree, a Class A Misdemeanor.

Suffolk County Police today arrested a Huntington Station man who sold DVDs that contained bestiality content at a Huntington Station adult video store.

In response to community complaints regarding the sale of DVDs containing illegal content, Second Precinct Crime Section officers went to Pure Pleasure, located at 700 East Jericho Turnpike. After engaging in a conversation with an employee about the content of specific DVDs, an officer purchased and then viewed two movies in the parking lot on a portable DVD player and confirmed the discs contained bestiality content.

Officers arrested the employee, Ajith Managodage, 51, who lives at the store, and charged him with Obscenity 3rd Degree, a Class A Misdemeanor.

A criminal charge is an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

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  1. He’s obviously a Liberal!
    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. He lives at the store? Oh of course, the land of illegal apartments.Does beastiality include thoes cute little orphaned fire hydrants?

  3. Ithought Besen was appointed as a “pornography czar” some years back. At least thats what I had heard him say at the time. In addition he claimed to be responsible that these places were a certain distance fron schools,parks, playgrounds,etc. also he was mapping and “enforcing” where sex offenders could reside. If hes no longer tracking this info, who took over that responsibility and Why wasn’t anyone from code enforcement aware?

    • With all the information posted on this site pro/con every topic of nonsense our council people have tried to shove down our throats–why doesnt anyone have the answer to the previous post?

      • The answer is – Besen never did anything about it in the first place. The man was arrested for domestic abuse Beating his wife), and there were rumors he beat his own kids. Just what we needed, a fox looking after the chickens. How many sex offenders did Nick Weiland uncover in the area, that were living in homes with children or right next to schools? No one at town hall gives a damn about the welfare of its people, only how they can exploit it for their own personal gain.

        • Wow, I thought that guy was “one of us”. a regular neighborhood guy.Even though he wasnt ever at home and never had time to speak to any of us,the neighbors. Now I ask a few people and I hear he doesnt even pay his school and property taxes. I guess you should never just take these politicians at face value. Does the town website have a place I can confirm if he paid his taxes?

  4. He may not have been helping a sheep over a fence but perhaps helping a cow seek greener pastures. The upstanding citizen in the city you have only reflects the demand for this stuff. Everyone blames the man who sold it but do they blame the black sheep for asking? Probably not. Stores tend to stock what sells so what are we really asking with this article?

  5. crystabell – what do you mean with the question, ” what are we really asking with this article”? re-read the article slowly. the guy got caught selling a DVD with ILLEGAL content. period!