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Assemblyman Andrew Raia to Host Job Fair

Assemblyman Andrew Raia (R,I,C-East Northport) will be hosting a job fair with Suffolk County One-Stop Employment Center at the Northport-East Northport Public Library on Friday, May 4, 2012, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The Assemblyman will be joined by 18 employers from the Suffolk County area, including Gurwin Home Care, Suffolk County Civil Service Department, United States Customs and Border Protection, United Healthcare, MetLife, National Grid, Fedex, Lowe’s, New York Life, Briarcliffe College, and St. Joseph’s College.

Northport-East Northport Library is located at 151 Laurel Avenue, Northport, NY 11768

CONTACT:          Barbara Hanna, 631-261-4151

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11 comments to Assemblyman Andrew Raia to Host Job Fair

  • steve

    Now this is funny. The guy who has never had a job is running a job fair. Usually any of his posts have no comments because no one cares and we know he is a lightweight. But this could not be passed on. Andy running a job fair. LOL. Andy- every time you open your mouth raises the odds that you will need a job fair. Hey there are good entry level positions on Long Island.

    • @steve

      The articles that get the most commentary are the hot button issues where the politicians involved try to decieve the readers. Hence when people comment they are angry, then comes the rediculous non stop arguing from the spin doctors who try day and night to blame their victims. The people are not angry with Andrew Raia’s choices or self promotion at our expense.Therefore there isnt a need for constant commentary.

    • HTownRep

      I don’t get it? He doesn’t work? He hasn’t had to prove to the voters every two years why he should keep his job. He can’t be fired?? Yes these are silly questions but that’s what happens when you read silly comments. What should he be doing instead – walking around Long Island and firing people? Or should he vote to raise taxes and not care about spending so that we can send more jobs to different states/countries??

  • Anon

    Still better than Cuthbersen.For his first term he ran and won against Cuthbersen even with Besen running his wife’s sister on the right to life line to split the vote.(They pulled her off the ballot at the last second.)

  • Anonymous

    why don’t you run for something instead?

  • Anon

    Are you suggesting that instead of attending Mr.Raias job fair that “Steve” should run for his NYS assembly seat?

  • Reality Check

    Andrew Raia is a disgrace. If this Town had a real Tea Party organization, instead of the out-of-town red shirts, they would join with the Conservatives a primary his lazy ***. Raia is a girl chaser and slacker. But since he is so cuddly adorable to his Democrat friends, they won’t put up a serious challenger.

    • Check Reality

      The disgrace is an elected official who doesn’t care about Long Island. Doesn’t support the local civic groups and the communities and doesn’t care enough to spend their day addressing the terrible jobs situation on Long Island. A real conservative would do what differently? Not hold a job fair and instead say “pull yourself up”. When the other shoe drops it will be good people like Assemblyman Raia that will be there and do everything he can to actually help – and not simply yell on a street corner like a “Real Tea Party” group

  • Moma's Boy

    Forget about a job I think he just became a home owner a few years ago. If it weren’t for momie he be attending a job fair himself.

  • Mad At Steve

    There must be something he has managed to accomplish.

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